166: Get Never-Before-Heard Stories from Your Interview Guests with Eric Hunley

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“Interviewing is like a date.” Do you agree or disagree?

This quote is from our guest today, Eric Hunley. The context is about interviewing people on your own podcast! I was intrigued by this idea and asked him for more details. Tune in to hear tips for getting never-before-heard stories and top interviews out of people by the questions you ask.

This advice is relevant beyond podcast hosting too! Think how you can put it to work in networking situations, improving your copy, and Facebook live streaming! 🙂

On this podcast, we talk about:
– How Eric planned to make a podcast for 10 years and finally did
Unstructured Podcast — launched 2018
– What inspired Eric to start his interview show
– Advice to get booked on more podcasts (how to melt the host’s heart!)
– The intense prep that Eric does to be ready for a great host interview
– How to make a guest look great
– Eric wrote books since 2003! [When self-publishing was taboo and looked down upon] – What is the problem with writing technology related books? Eric reveals his experience
– What Eric believes “changed the world” more than anything else, including 9-11?
– Working with publisher vs. self-publishing
– The skill of interviewing
– How is interviewing like a first date?

Episode Shoutouts:
– Shout out to Amy Lyle
– Shout out to Larry Roberts
Chris Ducker & YouPreneur
Copywriting for Podcasters book
– Shout out to Ronsley Vaz and We Are Podcast conference
– Shout out to Tyson Franklin
– Shout out to Estie Rand
– Shout out to Jordan Harbinger
– Shout out to James Fallon (studying brain scans to see psychopaths! *surprise*)

Eric’s Books & Podcast
Professional Web Design: Techniques and Templates (Internet Series)
Web Design With Macromedia Studio MX 2004
Using Open Source Web Software with Windows
Unstructured Podcast

Our Guest
166: Get Never-Before-Heard Stories from Your Interview Guests with Eric Hunley

Eric Hunley, the host of the Unstructured Podcast, is forging his path in interview style podcasts, which not surprisingly, is being followed by many other podcasters. He created over 100 interview style podcasts in less than nine months with guests from all corners of the globe.

His professionalism, detail to research, and smooth delivery as a host is an inspiration to many, and a reliable indicator as to why not only new podcasters but also seasoned professionals are seeking his knowledge and direction.

Eric’s Highlights

  • Former instructor at the University of Arizona
  • Published 3 books are currently working on the fourth, “Interview Podcasting: Find Your Voice and Increase Your Authority.”
  • Also the founder of Hampton Runner

Great Quotes

  • “If you want to get on a [podcast] show, pay it forward.” – Eric Hunley
  • “Show that [your podcast pitch] is customized. Show that you actually care. Show that you’re in it to try and give value to the host too and not just to take, take, take.” – Laura Petersen
  • “When I interview somebody, I fall a little bit in love with them.” – Eric Hunley
  • “I listen to other interviews and I listen for those little things that were dropped.” – Eric Hunley
  • “Obsessively research and be ready to throw it all away.” – Eric Hunley
  • “When someone asks something super thoughtful, that you have approached before, you lose track of time and you’re back into your own flow in the communication instead of just going through your rote responses that you do all the time.” – Laura Petersen

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