P7: Podcast Leveraging

Podcasters love having expert guests on their shows. As an author, YOU are an expert.

'Copy My Copy' Email Template: Pitch Yourself onto Podcasts

Getting featured on podcasts is a great way to promote your book, brand, and business!

How to Use the Copy Template

1. Click Here to Open

2. Then hit "File," and "Make a copy..." to edit and use for yourself!

This is written to be sent from your V.A. or "from your V.A." 😉 to pitch yourself to get on more podcasts!

copy_my_copy_podcast_email_template for authors

How to Guest on Podcasts Like a Pro! Special Interview of Kelly Glover, Founder of TheTalentSquad


How to get booked on podcasts (especially if you have a bestselling book to leverage!)


Kelly is an award-winning podcast producer and guest booking agent with over 17 years of experience in media.

She is a podcast guest marketing expert and maximizes her unparalleled track-record as a talent agent, syndicated radio host, and senior podcast producer to the advantage of her clients.

Having produced podcasts with six-figure budgets for billion-dollar brands, Kelly knows how to deal with podcast networks, budgets, advertising agencies, external talent, and all the moving parts that come with a full-service podcast production.


✅  how to find shows you'd want to be on

✅  how to vet shows before you pitch (they have to be right FOR YOU too, after all!)

✅  how to grow your own podcast, if you have one

✅  'should you promote your book and ask people to buy it from podcasts?'

✅ ' what makes a great 1-sheeter' and what else you should have prepped to make sure you pass the host's vetting process!

✅  how to be such a professional guest that the host (1) likes you, (2) wants to share your episode, (3) wants to refer you to other hosts and business opportunities

✅  when to ask for a host's podcast stats (and when not to)

✅  the best ways to really connect with hosts of big shows with lots of hoops to jump through

✅  and MORE!

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