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If you have completed LEVEL 1, you rock! If you are taking a peek ahead, no worries -- glad to have you. 🙂

Just remember that taking action is the key. Reading and learning without implementing will leave you disappointed in yourself.

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for." -- Oprah

What Will It Look Like When I Hit #1 in My Categories?

Let's get you excited about what it will look like FOR YOU when you launch your book! Then, we'll jump into mapping out 'the how' next.

Important to know + Super encouraging

• 1-hour update rule

• Although there are other factors that go into Amazon's *secret* bestselling ranking algorithm, the most important factor is...well, sales, of course! A concentration of sales.

9 Spots for Screenshots to Get Proof

Make sure to get proof, so be ready to check these SIX places to show that you hit your goals.

Book’s Individual Page

1. Look on book's actual page for rankings (under "Product Details") for the three categories it is in.

Note: You can get tech support to put you into up to 10 you choose. #BookHack!

2. Look at the top of your book's page for a flag too! 

Note: May take longer to appear and it is not guaranteed.

#1 Hot New Release is usually easier/faster to get than #1 Best Seller

Book’s Category Pages

3. Look on each of the categories' pages for rankings and side by side comparison shots with your competitors' books.

4. Look at the "Hot New Release" rankings for side by side comparison shots with your competitors' books.

5. Look at other countries Amazon pages at #1-4 above 

Note: You can easily access your book in other countries through KDP

6. Then, check ‘up’ in the Parent Categories for how you rank in more competitive listings.

Note: Even if you do not rank as well, the books around you may be very cool and photo-worthy!


7. Do an Amazon search for your author name or name of your book and look for the flags there!

Author Page

8. Look on your Author Central author page for the flags there

Mobile - BONUS!

9. Get the same shots, but from mobile to share!


I can't wait to see YOU on the Wall of Fame!

What You Get From This Free Book Training

• Clarity
• Confidence
• Conviction
• Step-by-step plan (saving you time and stress sorting through Google searches)
• Proven strategy for hitting #1 bestseller with my T.R.A.C.K. Formula
• Tutorials, checklists, guides to leap you ahead
• Plan to do it in 8 weeks or less, if you want! [Customize it to your launch goal]

Full Syllabus

Remember our full Bestselling Book Blueprint Syllabus here.

How to Use: 
• Click link above

• Click "File," and "Make a copy..." 
• Make sure you are viewing the second tab to see LEVEL 2

You will need to save a copy to your own Google drive if you want to be able to edit it.

You can also adjust the cell width and even save it as a PDF and print it off!

Benefits of Being a Bestselling Published Author

• 'Instant credibility' even as you write it before it's live!

• Get more speaking gigs, podcast interview bookings, media attention (even as you write it)

• Charge more, raise your prices, feel more confident on sales calls

• Add "#1 Amazon Bestseller" to your email signature, social media profiles, resume, everything!
(Heck, even if you don't hit #1 but hit #10 you can say "Top 10 Amazon Best-Seller" and that still sounds amazing...this is our focus in LEVEL 2!)

• Generate more leads and sales to your business
(Amazon is a HUGE search engine and one of the most used websites in the world. New people will find you from your book and convert to a lead and buyer)

• Make a bigger impact on those you care about helping

Level 2 Topics Covered

P4: Publish Kindle [jump to here]

  • 8 Week Action Plan for Marketing & Self-Publishing: Overview, Day-by-Day, & Week-by-Week [downloadables]
  • 6 A's of Self-Publishing [downloadable checklist + digital account tracker]
  • 6 A's of Self-Publishing (the 4 Essentials Explained) [10:09 video]
  • 6 A's of Self-Publishing (the 2 Wait-for-Laters Explained)
  • Publishing: Files You Will Need Prepped
  • Publishing: ISBN, ASIN, Bar Codes, & Copyrights
  • Publishing: Overview of KDP for Your Kindle eBook
  • Publishing: TAB 1 in KDP "Kindle eBook Details" Title, Subtitle, Series, Edition Number, Author, Contributors, Description, Publishing Rights, Keywords, Categories, Age and Grade Range, & Pre-order [23:42 video]
  • Publishing: TAB 2 in KDP "Kindle eBook Content" for Uploading Manuscript & Cover and Previewing eBook [5:48 video]
  • Publishing: TAB 3 in KDP "Kindle eBook Pricing" to Select the Territories for Distribution, Royalty Plan, and Price [8:44 video]
  • Publishing: Quick Behind-the-Scenes of KDP Account vs. Live Book [6:05 video]
  • Q: "I need more time! But I've been promising my book by a launch date! What can I do?!" The Pre-Order Strategy
  • Q: "How Do I See the Number of Book Sales I've Made?"
  • Q: Can People Read My Book Without a Kindle?

P5: Proof of Bestseller [jump to here]

  • 8 Week Action Plan: Don't forget!
  • "T" = Timing + Pricing Strategy [15:51 video]
  • "R" Reviews [6:58 video]
  • "A" = Attraction-Based Marketing Blitz [18:01 video]
  • "C" = Category Selection How-To + Tool [23:48 and 4:23 videos]
  • "C" = How to Switch Your Categories with KDP Tech Support [4:23 video]
  • "C" = Category Research in Action for Private Clients [52:43, 1:01:35, 43:09 + 39:57 videos]
  • "K" = Keywords & KENP
  • REMINDER: What Will It Look Like When I Hit #1 in My Categories? + 6 Spots for Screenshots for Proof [7:18 video]
  • RECAP: Bringing It All Together for a Bestseller Launch - BOOM! [6:02 video]

P6: Publish Print + Audiobook [jump to here]

  • Publishing: Overview of KDP for Your Print-on-Demand Paperback Book
  • Publishing: TAB 1 in KDP "Paperback Details" Title, Subtitle, Series, Edition Number, Author, Contributors, Description, Publishing Rights, Keywords, Categories, & Adult Content
  • Publishing: TAB 2 in KDP "Paperback Content" for Uploading Manuscript & Cover and Previewing Book
  • Publishing: TAB 3 in KDP "Paperback Rights & Pricing"
  • Printing: How Do I Order Proof Copies of my Paperback Book?
  • Printing: How Do I Order Author Copies of my Paperback Book?
  • Printing: How Do I Print a Hard Cover Book?
  • Audiobook: How Do I Get My Book Into An Audiobook?

Who Does This Work For?

• CEOs, COOs, and CMOs
• virtual assistants wanting more
• bloggers or vloggers
• coaches and consultants
• podcasters and public speakers
• social media marketers
• small business owners
• college students
• digital nomads
• entrepreneurs with experience, but not as much brand recognition as they want (or deserve)
• anyone who has specialized knowledge and wants to be known in their niche as a true thought leader
• See the Wall of Fame for a few real examples who's become a bestselling published author!


1. "I have to have a lot of money for your marketing budget." 
Nope - $0 is what I spent. We'll dive into "A: Attraction-Based Marketing" tactics of the T.R.A.C.K. Formula to hit bestseller.

2. "It's really hard." 
There is some effort required, but it's not as hard as you think. Inside this program, we'll walk you through mapping out the perfect pre-launch and launch plan to claim the bestseller title.

3. "You need a professional publisher to do it." 
I did it myself in 30 days (twice) -- from no idea to bestseller -- and have helped many more just like you.

4. "You need a huge email list to hit bestseller." 
My email list was about 200-ish disengaged people.

5. "I'm not expert enough yet to be a bestselling published author."
If you are a couple steps ahead of someone else, you owe it to them to share your knowledge with them.

6. "No one will buy my book, so it's not worth the effort." 
Beyond book sales, being a published author will land you more clients, paid speaking gigs, and more media attention that will drive even more leads to your business. (Our focus in LEVEL 3).

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