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Hiya! I'm LaptopLaura.

If you're a thought leader (or on your way to be), we can help you grow your brand and business with the power of the best multi-purpose marketing tool around: books.

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The "That Pops!" FAM

My favorite thing in the world is to collab, mastermind, brainstorm, and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

If you are passionate about improving your business, growing your brand, expanding your opportunities, and impacting more people...let's connect.

I hang out often over in my Bestselling Author Possé free Facebook group where we jam out and support each other with writing, publishing, and bestseller launching.

    Welcome to the fam!

    Can't wait to meet you in our Facebook Group or at a conference or event!

    laptop laura petersen speaking on stage about becoming an amazon best selling author
    laptop laura petersen speaking on stage about becoming an amazon best selling author

    Hi hi! I'm LAPTOP LAURA

    Big welcome to my corner of the internet! 😃


    I like to say that "I'm a tall Math and Psychology teacher turned podcasting entrepreneur (and digital nomad who's been to 41+ countries!)."

    I've started and grown companies in tutoring & test prep, podcast production, content marketing, and branding (ever since I 'retired' from teaching in 2011).


    I didn't come out o' the womb an entrepreneur. Far from it!

    I was a big nerd in school and def not a popular kid! 🤓📚

    Ask me about my "Senior Princesses" story and I'll fill you in on how their bullying sparked a movement that I affectionately call "Print Your Own Shirt"! 👕

    Long story short, stop waiting for 'permission' and take action to earn you all that you can dream of from biz and life.
    (Even if it's a little scary. :))

    Join me!

    COPY THAT POPS: Origin

    I started Copy That Pops in 2016...

    Why? help business-minded peeps leverage the power of persuasion in their communication!

    I'm a nerd for psychology, writing, and podcasts. 

    And realized just how important applying principles of psychology is to effective, compelling communication.

    But no one tells you how!

    Then toward the end of 2016, sick of feeling like 'a nobody' at conferences and wishing I were getting more media features, I decided to take action.

    I wrote and published my very first book: Copywriting for Podcasters in just 30 days.

    It hit #1 Bestseller and Hot New Release in the U.S. and Canada. 

    Not bad for a first-time-author and busy entrepreneur! 

    But the benefits?

    The results and benefits from just writing a book (let alone also hitting #1 in a relevant category) were far beyond what I imagined!

    I immediately was able to use my book to:
    - land more clients
    - raise my prices
    - get interviewed on a ton more podcasts
    - speak on stages
    - grow my network
    - be seen as a leader and authority
    - increase my internal self-confidence
    - be asked to be on more video interviews
    - work on set of 2 T.V. shows
    - walk the red carpet and take photos with idols of mine
    - my book even turned up in a public library in Texas! (how cool is that?)

    After I did it, people came out of the woodworks asking me for help doing it too! Check out my Author Wall of Fame for more case studies.

    Now, it's your turn...


    Now, after publishing two of my own international bestsellers and helping others do it too, I figured out a system.

    The system to ethically and strategically write, selfpublish, launch, and leverage a bestselling book.

    And I'm here to help you do it too...and to reap the BENEFITS that come from being a (bestselling) published author on a topic in your niche.

    Talk about instant credibility!

    Being a bestselling published author also opens doors up to more:
    ...speaking opportunities and higher speaker's fees...
    ...more interviews on TV, radio, and podcasts...
    ...raising your own prices...
    ...more traffic, leads, and sales!...
    ...and, more internal confidence too...

    And the good news is, it's faster and easier than you think!

    So, if you're ready to take 'destiny' into your own hands with a bestselling nonfiction business book (about something you already talk about all the time)...welcome!

    You're in the right place. 💕

    Especially if you are a podcaster, you are already sitting on a bestselling book! This time next month you can be a bestselling author and leveraging it like crazy.

    xo Laura

    PS: That pup above is my side kick Tuck! #ChillAsTuck
    (He loves to snuggle as I work from my laptop helping people like you!)

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