P10: Promote

Here are ideas for how you can sell more copies of your bestselling book on Amazon and beyond.

23 Ways to Promote Your Book for $0

Let's get more attention for your book!
(No ad budget, no problem)

1. Create a free account at Book Daily, share a sample of your book, and get attention and reviews.

2. Have your book promoted on Indie Author News.

3. Promote it on Free Discounted Books (if/when you offer the book for free).

4. Submit your book to eBooks Habit for promotion (free or paid option).

5. Tweet about your book with a link to Amazon! (use your affiliate link for potential extra sales commissions on other products they may buy)

6. Have someone on Fiverr create a funny video about your book and share everywhere! (Maybe it'll go viral).

7. Submit your book for social sharing by Book Bongo.

8. Try Zwoodle Books for free promo.

9. Put a link to your book in your email signature (and call it out once you have the bestselling author title!).

10. Organize a book signing + photoshoot!

  • Arrange this with a local book store (like Barnes & Noble), book festival, or event.
  • Arrange for food, treats, or a raffle to attract people over (if allowed).
  • Ask a friend or local high school or college student to come and take photos and videos of your book signing.
  • Share all over social media.

11. Create a SlideShare with some key points from your book and link to book for those who want more.

  • Share on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram
  • Tip: Make sure to change up the post copy and image to make it contextual to the platform and isn't repetitive to fans who follow you on multiple platforms.

12. Talk about your book and the journey to write it on podcasts, virtual summits, and any speaking gigs you have.

  • Remember that vulnerability is powerful, so don't leave out the hard parts.

13. Send the PDF e-book version to people you respect in your industry for free (and build the value in the message so they see it as a gift). You never know where that could lead.

14. Ask biz buddies to buy the book when it's $0.99 on your launch day (as we went over in detail in LEVEL 2 of this free book training) and to please leave an honest review.

15. Give a presentation at a local meetup group, community college, or university.

  • Don’t sell the book, just give great information and have some books to hand in case people ask to buy a copy.
  • You can also sign some books, do some giveaways, and have photos/video shot for sharing on social media and your website.

16. Teach some top tips on a Facebook Live that are from the book and let people know at the end where to get a copy of your book if they want to learn more.

17. Do a Good Reads Giveaway (of a physical or audiobook).

18. Share an excerpt on Scribd for new exposure and some SEO juice.

19. Shoot a series of short how-to videos for YouTube related to your book's content (make sure to truly give value and not make them pure commercials).

20. If your website is built with WordPress install the “Ad Rotator” plugin to rotate your book on your sidebar.

  • Use a photo of your book or the “Click Here to Look Inside” image that Amazon provides.

21. Send review copies of your book to all the journals, magazines, and blogs that review books in your industry.

22. Have your book translated into another widely spoken language like Spanish, German, or Chinese to increase your reach.

  • Free if you have a bilingual friend!
  • Could find low cost help on Fiverr, UpWork, and Guru.

23. If you speak on stage, tie book purchases into your speaking fee.

  • For example, instead of $1,000 to speak, it could be $500 plus they buy $500 worth of your books to give to their audience.
  • Or instead of $5,000 to speak, give them the option to buy $4500 worth of your books to give to their audience.

    9 Ways to Promote Your Book More with Amazon's Tools

    Let's get more attention for your book leveraging Amazon's tools, assets, and audience!

    Quick Note:
    Some of these require your being in "KDP Select" which means you cannot sell your book *anywhere* other than Amazon during that period of time.

    1. Amazon Advertising

    Purchase advertising to promote your KDP eBooks and paperbacks within Amazon.

    Learn More Here

    2. Free Promotions

    Make your eBook available at no charge for a limited time...get your brand and business in more people's hands and add a deadline to motivate action.

    Learn More Here

    3. Kindle Countdown Deals

    Offer a limited-time discount with a countdown timer.

    Learn More Here

    4. Kindle MatchBook

    Customers who buy other versions of your book (if you have them...like print of audio) can buy your Kindle eBook version at a reduced price

    Learn More Here

    5. Kindle eBook pre-order

    Let customers order your eBook as early as 90 days before release date.

    *We only recommend using this only when we need more time to finish formatting and editing but want to hit our public launch date.
    **Sales during pre-order count toward your rankings, as soon as they come in.

    Learn More Here

    6. Buying and Gifting eBooks for Others

    Run a social media giveaway, gift your books to readers at an event, or send copies to newsletter subscribers

    Learn More Here

    7. Lending for Kindle

    When readers buy a book they like, they can lend it to others. If your goal is to grow your brand and business, forego a couple of bucks in royalty money and get the book into more hands!

    Learn More Here

    8. Share with Kindle Instant Book Previews

    Share a link to a free preview of your Kindle book. And if you have an Amazon Affiliates account (which you should!) you can earn advertising fees from Kindle instant previews too!

    Learn More Here

    9. Sample Chapters

    Show potential readers a small portion of your book. And remember the 'book hack' of putting "reader only bonuses" toward the front so that even those who don't buy the book can see how to opt-in with their email address in exchange for some goodies from you that should complement the book's content.

    Learn More Here


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Just make sure to never do anything shady to cut corners! Here below is a warning from KDP.

    "You're welcome to promote your book through third-party websites and other services, but we encourage you to monitor the tactics they use to promote your books. You are responsible for ensuring that no tactics used to promote your book manipulate the Kindle publishing service and/or Kindle programs. We advise against using any sites that "guarantee" a return on your investment. We support our authors' efforts to promote their books worldwide, but at the same time we work to prevent any manipulation of the Kindle publishing service." 

    Publisher-directed purchasing activity:
    If we determine that purchases/borrows of your book are originating from accounts that are attempting to manipulate our services, it may result in termination of your account and loss of royalties.

    A Few More Book Selling Ideas

    1. BookBub
    • Ads
    • Featured Deals

    2. Facebook
    • Ads
    • Groups (niche + book promo)

    3. Make your book available for sale off of Amazon
    *warning -- cannot do Kindle Unlimited, if sell off Amazon*
    • Barnes & Noble   
    • iBooks
    • SmashWords           
    • Kobo
    • GoodReads

    4. Run a contest
    • Giveaway digital and/or physical copies of your book, free pass to a course you sell, free consulting call, and even bundle it with prizes from other business buddies.

    5. Make book an NFT with different levels of  bonuses and access
    • Check out my GaryVee case study on the Copy That Pops podcast episode #216 for more on what he did you can learn/model from.

    More Coming Soon

    Check back shortly!

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