Congrats for even starting!
Taking action is key!

"The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation." -- Diane Arbus

What You Get From The Free Book Training

• Clarity

• Confidence

• Conviction

• Step-by-step plan (saving you time and stress sorting through Google searches)

• Proven strategy for hitting #1 bestseller with my T.R.A.C.K. Formula (in LEVEL 2)

• Tutorials, checklists, guides to leap you ahead

• Plan to do it in 8 weeks or less, if you want! [Customize it to your launch goal]

Benefits of Being a Bestselling Published Author

• 'Instant credibility' even as you write it before it's live!

• Get more speaking gigs, podcast interview bookings, media attention (even as you write it)

• Charge more, raise your prices, feel more confident on sales calls

• Add "#1 Amazon Bestseller" to your email signature, social media profiles, resume, everything!
(Heck, even if you don't hit #1 but hit #10 you can say "Top 10 Amazon Best-Seller" and that still sounds amazing...this is our focus in LEVEL 2!)

• Generate more leads and sales to your business
(Amazon is a HUGE search engine and one of the most used websites in the world. New people will find you from your book and convert to a lead and buyer)

• Make a bigger impact on those you care about helping

Level 1 Topics Covered

P1: Plan

  • 3 Important Questions You MUST Answer Before You Write One Word of Your Book
  • The Self-Psychology of Becoming a Bestselling Published Author [+ My Story with the Senior Princesses]
  • Free Copy of Permission to Write a Brand Building Book: 9 Myths Holding You Back From More Exposure & Making a Greater Impact Book
  • What Will Your Reader Get?
  • What Will You (the Author) Get?
  • Pre-Marketing Essentials
  • Writing Calendar + Goals
  • Pre-Writing: Podcast/Blog/Video Repurpose Analysis
  • Launch Order Bird's Eye Overview

P2: Pen

  • 8 Week Action Plan Overview, Day-by-Day Calendar, Week-by-Week Checklist [editable resources]
  • 3 Important Writing Resources
  • Outlining 1: How To Go From 'No Idea' to Awesome Outline with the P.S.T. Method
  • Outlining 2: Book Topic Ideas + Rough Outline Guide
  • Repurposing: 5 Simple Steps to Repurpose Content Into a Book - "The Lego Strategy"
  • Writing: Book Format Templates for Microsoft Word
  • Writing: How to Write Your Book Like a Veggie Burger 2, 1, then 3
  • Writing: The Best Tool - Scrivener
  • Writing: How to Write a Book Without Writing
  • Writing: How Long Should My Book Be? [3:33 video]
  • Writing: Copy Inception Secrets to Sell Your Business & Grow Your Email List in Your Book
  • Cover Design: DIY, Work with a Designer, + BONUS Resources
  • Cover Design: How I Used Fiverr for a Great Book
  • Cover Design (for as low as $31.50) Cover Design: How I Used 99 Designs for a Great Book Cover Design (for $299+) with [10:01 video]

P3: Polish

  • Editing: How to Edit Your Book for Free or with Hired Help
  • Formatting: Style Guide Recommendations Checklist
  • Formatting: Book Dimensions (front, spine, back, bleed)
  • Formatting: File Types
  • Formatting: Fonts Formatting: Margins & Gutter

Who Does This Work For?

• CEOs, COOs, and CMOs
• virtual assistants wanting more
• bloggers or vloggers
• coaches and consultants
• podcasters and public speakers
• social media marketers
• small business owners
• college students
• digital nomads
• entrepreneurs with experience, but not as much brand recognition as they want (or deserve)
• anyone who has specialized knowledge and wants to be known in their niche as a true thought leader
• See the Wall of Fame for a few real examples who's become a bestselling published author!