LEVEL 3- bestselling book blueprint updated new


If you've made it this far, you are a legend!

(Or maybe you are jumping ahead to see if LEVEL 1: THE BOOK and LEVEL 2: THE BESTSELLER are worth the effort -- I get it).

What I can tell you from my experience -- and from helping hundreds of other new authors -- is that you start getting the benefits of being an author even before the book is done!

That is, if you don't disappear into your cave and cozy up with procrastination and perfectionism. Instead, if you embrace the tenants of A: Attraction-Based Marketing in my T.R.A.C.K. Formula for hitting bestseller (as you learned in P5: Proof of Bestseller), you'll be getting eyeballs and engagement on your book journey from the get.

Benefits of Becoming an Author (Bestseller or Not)

• Clarity around what you know and want to teach to others

• Feel more confident on sales calls and on stage

• Conviction in your story, message, and examples

• Instant credibility (even jaded family members will be immmmpressed)

• Raise your prices, if you offer services

• Brand awareness.
(Remember: Amazon is a HUGE search engine and one of the most used websites in the world. New people will find you from your book and convert to a lead and buyer)

• New partnerships

• Make an impact on the audience you seek to serve

• Add "#1 Amazon Bestseller" to your email signature, social media profiles, CV, author bio, everything!
(Even if you don't hit #1 but hit #10 you can say "Top 10 Amazon Best-Seller in Business Books" and that still sounds amazing)

• Leave a legacy.
(If nothing else, it will be freaking cool for your great-great-grandchildren to be able to read your thoughts from today!)

• Get more speaking gigs, podcast interview bookings, media attention (more on these in the next sections)

Level 3: Topics Covered

P7: Podcasts [jump to here]

  • Do a Podcast "Book Tour"
  • How to Give Value on Interviews
  • Book Freebies

P8: Public Speaking [jump to here]

  • Qualify for More Events
  • Raise Your Speaker Fee
  • Give Book as Gifts

P9: PR/Media (coming soon)

  • Get on Local Morning Shows
  • Press Releases
  • Live Stream Shows

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