135: Audiobooks, Psychology, Leadership, and Podcasting with Ronsley Vaz

135: Audiobooks, Psychology, Leadership, and Podcasting with Ronsley Vaz

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Audiobooks anyone? How about the psychology of leadership? Positioning with podcasting and authorship? Check, check, check!

Today we dive into psychology, leadership, and audio books?! YES! You will hear from an expert in all 3 areas who delivers content for 2 podcasts, is a bestselling author, a TEDx speaker, and the event organizer for the Souther Hemisphere’s first podcasting conference!

A few exciting highlights include:
– It’s time for Podcast Movement 2018! Hope to see you there!
– Why you should write a book if you want to be seen as a leader
– Should you make an audio book too?
– How can you define your own success? [Hint: it will actually help you with your brand, business, and future!] – Where will I be traveling to this Fall to speak at Ronsley’s event?! (Hint: I’ve never been to this place and it’s far, far away from San Diego)
– Learn how to transfer ideas from the classroom to your business
– 17:08: The story of why Ronsley decided to write a book.
– 19:00: Has writing a book been more than worth the effort? “100% Ya. God damn, of course!”
– Learn how to apply psychology to building your brand and business
– Who are “the Mt. Rushmore of podcasting”?
– Shout outs to lots of amazing podcasters like Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Michael O’Neal, Travis Chappell, Dave Jackson, Jordan Harbinger, and more!
– How Ronsley negotiated 3x royalties for audiobook authors in Australia with Amazon’s Audible
– And lots more

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Ronsley Vaz is a speaker, author and marketer. He is the author of the book AMPLIFY – How to raise your voice, boost your brand and grow your business. His podcast, ‘Bond Appetit’, is Australia’s #1 food podcast on iTunes and receives between 8,000 and 12,000 listeners a day.

Ronsley is also the founder of content marketing agency Amplify, which has grown from zero to twelve staff in just ten months.

Ronsley sits on the board for freetoshine.org, an organization that prevents sex trafficking. He is a advocate and ambassador for the work that Free to Shine do, and believes that girls should be in schools rather than brothels.

Ronsley has an MBA in Psychology and Leadership and a Master’s in Software Engineering as well as a Diploma in Financial Services. Ronsley’s journey has seen him specialize in a variety of different industries. Before killing it as an entrepreneur, he worked as a DJ, software engineer, financial adviser, restaurateur and chef.

His newest venture, Amplify, is all about converting audio into a content-marketing echo chamber. He and his team help clients create content and turn it into genuine assets that allow their businesses to grow.

And, his event We Are Podcast is an annual conference where podcasting greats don’t mind flying in from all over the world…this year’s keynote speaker? Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income! And I’m excited to be a featured speaker there myself! It’s in October this year and my flights are booked!

Great Quotes:

My favorite line of the show (around 19 minutes in):
Laura: “Has writing a book been more than worth the effort?”
Ronsley: “100% Ya. God damn, of course!”

  • “I define success differently.” – Ronsley Vaz
  • “You have to define success after what you really want to achieve.” – Ronsley Vaz
  • “I had to do something different; I had to write a book.” – Ronsley Vaz
  • “The book has really helped to do business better.” – Ronsley Vaz
  • “You’ve thought about it long and hard enough to put it in a book and you know what you’re talking about.” –Ronsley Vaz
  • “It’s getting more and more difficult to put out a good podcast.” – Ronsley Vaz
  • “We just kept trying to get better at putting someone’s voice out better.” – Ronsley Vaz
  • “It’s about the people in the room and the content of the conference.” – Ronsely Vaz
  • “Leadership is always something I wanted to learn more about.” – Ronsley Vaz
  • “Everyone thinks that they are alone and they’re so not.” – Ronsley Vaz
  • “That’s the best part about business; it’s a personal journey.” – Ronsley Vaz
  • “My MBA switched a part of my brain on that I didn’t know I had.” – Ronsley Vaz
  • “When people perform at their best, they feel good about themselves.” – Ronsley Vaz
  • “Find people that define success the way you like to be defined.” – Ronsley Vaz

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