How to Write and Self-Publish a #1 Bestselling Book

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LEVEL 1: The Book

Get that book out of your head, notebook, or long-forgotten computer folder and into the world helping people.


P1: Plan

• What will your readers get?
• What will you get?
• What's your vision/purpose?
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P2: Pen

• Outlining
• Writing
• Book Cover Design
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P3: Polish

• Editing
• Formatting
• Proofreading
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LEVEL 2: The Bestseller

If you're going to self-publish a book, you may as well do it with strategy and make a splash while you're at it.


P4: Publish Kindle

• Prep Files for KDP
• $0.99 Kindle-only to start
• Launch in 90 days or fewer

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P5: Proof of Bestseller

• T.R.A.C.K. Method
• Prep Launch Team
• Get Screenshots of #1
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P6: Print & Audiobook

• Wait 2+ Weeks
• Hardcover in Amazon (new)
• for Audiobook
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LEVEL 3: The Benefits

The benefits of being a {bestselling} published author will start coming even before your book is done, if you do it right!


P7: Podcasts

• Do Podcast "Book Tour"
• Give Value!!!
• Book Freebies
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P8: Public Speaking

• Qualify for More Events
• Raise Speaker Fee
• Give Book As Gifts
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P9: PR/Media

• Local Morning Shows
• Press Releases
• Live Stream Shows
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