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098: Gruesome Grammar Story – Quick Copy Tip

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Didn’t get enough Halloween spookiness? Tune in for a quick, scary, and possibly true tale of ghoulish grammar tip.

A few exciting highlights include:
– Reminder of how I can help you with podcast or bestselling book launching.
– Update on my blog! [Hint: great new articles to help you write a book!] – A quick gruesome tale on the importance of one grammar topic 😜

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Hiya! Welcome to Copy That Pops! I’m LaptopLaura, your hostess with the mostest.

If you are new to the show, a quick background on me is that I’m a tall Math & Psychology teacher turned serial entrepreneur.

These days I’m a podcast launch and best-selling book launch strategist.

I help elite entrepreneurs and business create and launch powerful podcasts (a biiiig influencer client to be announced soon!) as well as best-selling books!

In fact, a student in my free Facebook Group and course is going live TODAY as I record this! His name is Alex Berger and his book is called: Practical Curiosity: The Guide to Life, Love & Travel

As I record this (on Monday Nov 6th 2017) it is #1 in his first category and #4 and #7 in his other two…those numbers are dropping (in a great way) so by the end of the day I expect #1 in all three categories in the U.S. as well as in other countries! Let’s see if Alex can beat my best success story to date, Akbar Sheikh who hit #1 in 6 countries!

Go Alex!

[11/10/17 UPDATE: Alex did hit #1 in all three of his categories, plus #1 in Germany, France, and Spain too!]

If you want to grab his book no matter when you listen to this, head to

And if you want to pop into the free Best-Selling Author Posse on FB, head to It will redirect you to the Facebook group. Can’t wait to meet you in there!


Okay, so the topic of today’s podcast is a Quick Grammar Tip…and I have a very treacherous story to tell you … it’s a bit gruesome, so hold on to your hats! …

But first, a quick shout out to another tool made ONLY to benefit YOU!

I’ve been taking my blog very seriously again — only fitting since I’m a nerd for writing! — so I want to invite you to head to and check it out if you have not yet.

Some recent articles to help you include:
How Long Will It Take to Write My Book? — How much should I write every day?
How to Write a Book: 5 Crystal Clear Steps to Show Off Your Expertise WITHOUT Giving Up Halfway Through
How to Format a Book for Amazon Book Publishing: Kindle Format, CreateSpace, and More
Book Cover Design Tips: How to make a book cover even if you’re not a designer

Some titles may change slightly over time because I am really playing with the keywords for long-term SEO (search engine optimization) growth!

That’s the topic of next week’s podcast and you do NOT want to miss it…a special presentation from Andy Steven of High Voltage SEO. That episode boasts detailed specifics of what you can do to optimize your website and an amazing Aussie accent. So, look out for episode 099 coming next Tuesday! [UPDATE: Moved to Episode 100!]

And if any of those articles call your name, head over to — so many people are telling me the blogs are more like legit books or mini courses and super helpful. I hope you find the same!

Well then, back to our Quick Grammar Tip and that Halloween-like story…

As this episode goes live on Tuesday the 7th, I am flying from San Diego to NYC to see friends old and new including my friend since 7th grade Laura Eidlitz who has a PhD in Psychology, Victor Adefuye (who was on this podcast way back in episode 23…it’s a very popular one called Managing Psychology, Emotion, & Ego for Success with Victor Adefuye. And you can find it at (, and Jess Lindgren who is both the creator of GalFriday612 and the Executive Assistant to the one and only Pat Flynn.

It is with this last friend Jess, that this episode today is partly inspired. Last month she was in town for several events — she lives in Minnesota right now — and we got together for bagels and coffee in downtown San Diego before the Pat Flynn mastermind meeting.

As we talked, we realized we are both nerds for great writing and made jokes about poor grammar use as only nerds would.

But no laughing matter is my story…

It takes place back in the year 1885. This was long before cell phones, computers, and — crap wait — typewriters were around but not widely used…okay, so …


Back in 1885 there lived a very peculiar family of 3 generations in an isolated farm house. What made them especially odd was they never spoke aloud to each other and would only scribble handwritten notes. They lived such a routine life that not much communication was really needed and they got along well enough.

The other thing was that the son in the family, Lurch, he was an adult but had a child-like mind and took everything very literally but without question.

His mother Bertha didn’t mind that one bit because it kept things working smoothly without conflict.

Well, one dark and stormy night, Bertha was in the kitchen toiling over pots and pans to prepare supper. She saw Lurch walk by and motioned for him to come hither.

She quickly scribbled a note with just four words on it and nodded her head toward the stairs.

Lurch looked at the note bewildered but without question, turned and walked up the steps to where his Grandmother lay resting.

Bertha, consumed in cooking and distracted by the wind and rain outside didn’t hear the screaming of her mother. A few minutes later Lurch returned with blood around his mouth and streaked across his chest, holding bits of body parts from his slain grandmother.

Bertha screamed in shock, disgust, and fury.

“What have you done!?” she shouted uncharacteristically breaking her usual silence.

Lurch, confused, pulled out the slip of paper and held it out,

“Time to eat Grandma” it read…

But, it was missing a comma after the word eat!

Bertha learned the hard way that very night just how important punctuation is. Good grammar saves lives. 😂 😜

Well, with this gruesome and sad but most likely true story, I want to commend you for listening to this podcast and searching for more insight on improving your writing.

It’s more important than you may think.

See you next week when we’ll find more ways to write copy that pops (and is found by search engines!)…

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