Earn Money from Your Expertise [Top 7 Course Creation Platforms]

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Earn Money from Your Expertise - Top 7 Course Creation Platforms

Many people ask if signing up for one of the many course creation platforms out there is still worth it for earning money from your expertise. Well, the online course industry is booming…and will only continue to grow.

Some estimate that the e-learning market will reach $645 Billion in market size by 2030. (Source: Globe Newswire)

With so many people looking to learn online, you need the right tools to create effective, engaging courses, while also managing your sales, marketing, and digital course materials to take advantage of this business opportunity and make money from what you know best.

We’ve done the research and compiled the 7 best course creation platforms for you to leverage to earn money from your knowledge below, complete with a short description, a link for more details, and pricing information for each platform.

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So, which course creation platform is the best? Let’s look at seven of the best!

#7: Teachable

Teachable is one of the most tried and true course creation platforms for entrepreneurs

Teachable Quick Overview:

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true, Teachable is a veteran among course creation platforms that remains popular today. Teachable was originally designed to answer complaints around Udemy and focuses on effectively controlling course information and accessing relevant student data.

This platform gives you a wide range of back-end control to monitor student progress while also managing your website branding and pricing from a single account.

Teachable Pricing:

You can start using Teachable for free to test it out before committing. Then, the cheapest plan with more features is only $39 a month.

Pro and Business level plans add even more customization and student experience features, including course certificates, custom domain support, and advanced website themes.

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#6: Kajabi

Kajabi offers more than just courses

Kajabi Quick Overview:

Kajabi (sometimes still referred to as “My Kajabi”) offers more than pure “course creation platforms”–it’s an all-in-one that combines marketing, courses, and web hosting in one place, without any need for coding, web plugins, or other complicated procedures. This platform is for those looking to build a fully integrated business based on selling your expertise without paying for a bunch of additional programs.

It can be a bit pricey compared to some other options (especially those that focus only on course creation), and some features may be unnecessary if you already have a website or use third-party marketing tools, but comes with quality web templates, powerful marketing solutions, and course or coaching program templates.

Kajabo Pricing:

If Kajabi sounds promising, you can test their platform for 14 days for free.

After your trial, you can start on the basic program for $119 a month, with three products, three funnels, unlimited landing pages, unlimited email marketing sends, tons of ready-to-use templates, and up to 1,000 active members.

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#5: Kartra

Course Creation Platform and then some: Kartra

Kartra Quick Overview:

While Kartra isn’t only for memberships or course creation, its extensive marketing features make it stand out as an excellent online education platform. Kartra is an all-in-one business manager that emphasizes powerful marketing tools: from video marketing, to affiliate management, to email automation, Kartra has it all!

While a little more technically advanced than other platforms, this is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs and businesses that are already familiar with the basics and want to funnel audiences toward their courses with technical efficiency.


Kartra’s starter package begins at $99 a month, with up to 2,500 leads, a custom domain, and 15,000 emails a month.

Upgraded packages come with additional web domains as well as unlimited pages, emails, and membership sites.

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#4: ClickFunnels

Click Funnels is the first Course Creation Platform I used years ago

Click Funnels Quick Overview:

Much like Kartra, ClickFunnels doesn’t fall neatly into the “Course Creation Platforms” category–it’s more of an online business platform with a focus on marketing solutions that also happens to be workable for course. ClickFunnels’ primary aim is to help you create membership sites while simultaneously building sales funnels with high conversion rates.

This platform offers streamlined features that new users might find more approachable than Kartra, including comprehensive targeting and segmentation for follow-up emails, shopping cart funnels, and back-end tools for your merchant account and sales data.

ClickFunnels’ templates aren’t as specialized as some other platforms, but its powerful and practical marketing tools make up the difference. Plus, owner Russell Brunson is a marketing genius and worth learning from.

Click Funnels Pricing:

ClickFunnels plans start at $127 a month with 20 funnels (easily constructed with their drag-and-drop templates), 100 pages, three web domains, and three payment gateways. They also offer a 14-day free trial, so you can try it out before you buy.

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#3: LearnWorlds

Course Creation Platform option: LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds Quick Overview:

For those who want to offer a large number of courses or work with a team, LearnWorlds lets you set up an extensive course catalog with multiple teachers. This means that you can assign different instructors to each course on your site. Only an administrator’s account can publish new courses, but instructors have tools to help them customize their curriculum—including options for text, image files, audio, and YouTube integration.

If you’re looking to offer a wide selection of courses and work with other instructors, few platforms can compete with LearnWorlds.

LearnWorlds Pricing:

Get started with LearnWorlds’s starter plan for only $24 a month, offering one administrator account, a custom domain, and unlimited paid courses.

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#2: Podia

Podia Platform - for entrepreneurs

Podia Quick Overview:

If you’re looking for an up-and-coming platform with a focus on accessibility, Podia might be the choice for you to earn money as a course creator. Podia keeps your digital course materials collected while still offering a comprehensive suite of features, including affiliate marketing tools, 24/7 customer support, as well as monthly and annual course memberships.

Not only that, but Podia has no limits on courses or users. Combining ease of use, unlimited courses, and plenty of support features, it is no wonder Podia is growing rapidly!

Podia Pricing:

Podia offers a free plan to test it out and a “Mover” plan starting at $33 a month. More advanced plans are available too. There’s no risk to try it out and see if you like how it works for your course creation needs.

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#1: Thinkific

Thinkific is one of the best Course Creation Platforms out there

Thinkific Quick Overview:

To get started building, marketing, and selling new courses with one platform, start with Thinkific. This is one of the most comprehensive, affordable, and easy-to-use options, and it comes with no transaction fees.

Thinkific also provides some of the most effective and accessible course templates for integrating video lessons, quizzes, and downloads without a hassle. The focus on accessibility for newcomers makes this one of the best options for entrepreneurs while still having a wide selection of essential features for their website and course load.

Thinkific Pricing:

Thinkific’s Start plan is currently $74 a month — but you can get a 30-day free trial to really see if it works for you before committing! What’s nice about Thinkific for earning money as a course creator is you don’t pay transaction fees on top of your monthly subscription, so you keep all the sales revenue!

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Getting Started Earning Money with a Course Creation Platform

Choosing the right platform all depends on your business’ specialties and needs.

Start with These Three Steps:

  1. Draw up a budget and a list with your “must haves,” “would likes,” and “could do withouts.” Then, identify the software that fits your price range.
  2. Take a look at the highlighted features of the potential platforms you’ve identified, and see if any of them don’t meet the “must haves” from your list. If they don’t have them, well, cross them off the list.
  3. Compare the remaining contenders. See if there are any free trials you might want to try before committing to a purchase. If not, consider if any of these platforms have the most accessible key features for you, or if one has significantly more “would likes” in addition to your “must haves.”

From managing students’ data to building a solid funneling strategy, there are many different goals which you can pursue, and there’s sure to be a course platform which will help you find success.

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