172: How to Write and Deliver a Great Introduction on Stage (Lessons Learned from Being an Emcee at Social Media Marketing World 2019)

172: How to Write and Deliver a Great Introduction on Stage (Lessons Learned from Being an Emcee at Social Media Marketing World 2019)

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Another quick tip episode for you today…I’ll keep it pithy and productive for you! You never know when one great introduction on stage can lead to great things!

Writing introductions are important for many cases:

  • Introducing guests on your own podcast
  • Introducing guest speakers at a local meetup, an online live stream, or a stage where you may have another expert on with you
  • Helping podcast hosts or emcees to properly introduce you to the audience
  • Introducing yourself in-person, on interviews, or even in writing inside a blog or your book
  • & so much more!

Great Introduction Tips

1. Proper Preparation

I’m not one to completely wing something new when I want to do a good job. Luckily, the Director of Events for SMMW Phil Mershon ran an incredibly helpful online training for we who would be Track Leader emcees!

He shared two resources that really helped inspire my own preparation, which were:

2. The Framework Components

To really set the stage for the audience, make the speaker feel honored and well-received, and ensure everyone in the room knows they are in the right place and excited for the material, we should:

Quickly…try to cover:

  1. Why the subject is important
  2. Why this speaker is awesome
  3. Why the audience is linked to both above
  4. Why right now is the best time to learn this

3. What I ended up doing

I made sure to introduce myself and also connect myself to the audience.

Here’s how I ended up doing my intros:

  1. Greet the audience and thank them for coming
  2. Engage the audience somehow
  3. Introduce myself + connect myself to the audience
    1. Well, hello everyone, my name is Laura Petersen and I’m in business and marketing just like you! I own my own company called Copy That Pops, with a podcast of the same name. Primarily, I help entrepreneurs to write, self-publish, launch, and leverage bestselling books on Amazon to grow their brands and businesses!
  4. Tie in why the subject of the speaker’s talk is important
  5. Tie the audience and me back into the subject and say why now is the best time to be here learning more about this
  6. Introduce the speaker without saying his or her name until the very end!
  7. End the introduction by asking the audience to get on their feet, put their hands together to properly welcome…. THEN, I would say the speaker’s name last as he or she walked onto the stage

Another Quick Tip:

It’s good to stay there until the speaker is settled in for two reasons:

  1. Give the audience a consistent focal point of where to look
  2. Be there just in case the speaker drops something or needs a quick bit of help as he/she adjusts to the stage

Importance of saying the guest’s name LAST.

Michael O’Neal of the Solopreneur Hour podcast in episode 51 entitled, “High-level Branding & the Art of the Podcast Interview with Michael O’Neal [Book Influencer Mini-Series].”

Anyhow, both Michael and this article point out that professional hosts always save the guest’s name for last.

Watch Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno, Oprah, Ellen, or Larry King for example. Watch how they introduce mega-stars to their stage…they save their name for last! If it’s good enough for these pros, it’s good enough for us!


An Example of one of my introductions… Tim Schmoyer. He’s a huge YouTube influencer and one of the kindest people I met at SMMW.

172: How to Write and Deliver a Great Introduction on Stage (Lessons Learned from Being an Emcee at Social Media Marketing World 2019)

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