123: The Psychological Power of Handwritten Snail Mail, Email Inbox Management, and Acute Attention to Detail with Jess Lindgren of GalFriday612

123: The Psychological Power of Handwritten Snail Mail, Email Inbox Management, and How to Pitch Influencers with Jess Lindgren

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Ready to nerd out about all the fun details of the power of handwritten notes, tips for managing your email inbox, how to pitch influencers, and why the Oxford Comma reigns supreme?!

A few exciting highlights include:
– Do details matter in writing? In experiences for clients and others close to usjess lindgren and her husband bob traveling the world and hosting caffeine and correspondence events
– The power of handwriting and snail mail (and the psychology behind it!)
– Around 6:10 Jess’s cat Thumbs jumps into the screen and interrupts us! 😻😹
– How to start with the “who, what, when, where, and why” for planning events, book launches, or even email send outs, book writing, product development, and more
– Do, Defer, Archive – What does this mean??
– Tips on how to manage your inbox (aka your to-do list)!
– How to pitch influencers to be on your podcast and events (Jess shares super strong opinions about this as the gatekeeper of big fish!)
– What is ‘over following up’ and what is Jess’s advice in the follow-up?
– How ‘busy’ is a crutch and excuse
– Does Beyoncé have the same amount of time each day as we do? Jess’s answer might surprise you!
– Go and watch The I.T. Crowd! [Laura and Jess are both obsessed — it’s HILARIOUS! Get to meet Jen, Moss, and Roy from the show. “Too busy for you!” comes from an episode in Season 1 called ‘The Haunting of Bill Crouse.’] – The psychological power of handwritten notes.
– The story behind Miss Congeniality and grandma’s congratulatory handwritten letter
– Jess’s #1 tip for interviews or important meetings of any kind! [How to get an edge and creative foot in the door with anyone you want to impress or build a relationship with].
– The power of punctuation
– Learn expert tips on building relationships with people you hope to impress!
– What is Caffeine and Correspondence?
– The Art of Correspondence course in NYC — Jess taught a wonderful course at Teachable’s office in downtown New York City and now teaches this class online and in other locations around the world!
– Are certificates of recognition only for kids? Answer: no! Hear why. [Gratitude Gram?] – Social proof testimonial and feel good screenshot folder hacks
– What is Jess’s ‘Famous on the Internets’ folder?
– How the Oxford Comma saves lives (check out Copy That Pops episode 098)
– The power of templated emails or canned responses (just make sure that you tailor the message)

jess lindgren's naughty kitty

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Guest Expert on Handwritten Mail and How to Pitch Influencers:

jess lindgren and her handwritten notes at caffeine and correspondence

Jessica Lindgren is executive assistant to high level podcasters and bloggers (there’s one in particular, listeners of this show will most likely recognize!…the incredible Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income) and she delights in the details, whether she’s planning your quarterly board meeting, choosing the perfect gift for everyone on your list, or putting the finishing touches on another batch of her famous homemade marshmallows.

She and her husband Bob just moved from Northeast Minneapolis to San Diego! When they’re not relaxing at home with their three cats, you’ll find them exploring museums or indulging in theater performances wherever they find themselves around the world.

A lover of putting pen to paper, Jess gleefully reads and replies to every handwritten letter she receives.

Great Quotes:

  • “Start small and start now.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “I have a recurring checklist that I personally follow.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “Outsource as much as you can.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “Hire somebody to do the details up front.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “Pick one tool and stick with it.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “Your inbox is absolutely a to-do list; it’s a place where everything filters in.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “Be short, and sweet. Be professional and to the point.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “If you get ahead of your content creation, it will free up so much time to do other things.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “I take issue with the word busy; everybody’s busy.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “Everybody has to define their own success.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “If you have just impacted one person, you’ve done your job.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “Your Gmail is like its own tiny little Google just for you.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “Don’t feel like you need to be impacting millions and millions and millions of people before you make a difference. If you have changed one person’s life, it was absolutely worth the effort.” – Jessica Lindgren
  • “There are two schools. People who believe in the Oxford Comma and people who are wrong.” – Jessica Lindgren

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