The Psychology Behind Fearless Selling & Sales Funnels with Yasmine Khater

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In this episode, I sit down with Yasmine Khater to talk about building systems around your product and how to develop more confidence and success in your business.

  • The number one thing stopping people from scaling their businesses [7:58]
  • yasmine khater sales successHow to develop more confidence in your product [12:17]
  • How Yasmine discovered the need for her service [15:05]
  • Yasmine’s approach to setting up sales funnels for her clients [16:41]
  • What Yasmine would say to brand new entrepreneurs [22:15]
  • Yasmine’s advice to existing entrepreneurs [25:22]

Freebies from Yasmine:
Numbers to Measure in Your Business (Profit Calculator)
Visit Yasmine Khater’s website and take the “Empire Business Quiz”

yasmine khaterYasmine Khater (@YasmineKhater) helps service-based entrepreneurs learn how to scale up their business through trust-based marketing and sales funnels. She is the host of the Sales Success Show, a self-proclaimed “Psychology Nerd,” and an expert in systems design for small businesses.

“People buy because they get emotional.” – Yasmine Khater

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