018 – Copywriting Tips from a “Word Nerd” with Jessi Honard

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In this episode I sit down with Jessi Honard from Owl Eyes Creative to talk about copywriting, business personas, and how to craft a story that gets attention.

  • How Jessi introduces herself at networking events [5:31]
  • Her top ‘golden nuggets’ for writing better copy  [6:17]
  • Why reading is the key to better writing [7:11]
  • The key to a great story for entrepreneurs [8:20]
  • The companies Jessi thinks do a great job of sharing their story [10:27]
  • jessi honardHow Jessi ties everything back to her background in education [15:42]
  • Jessi’s approach to taking existing copy to the next level [19:25]
  • Jessi’s advice on creating lead magnets [21:33]
  • Her best advice for a brand new entrepreneur learning copywriting [23:54]
  • Her advice for established entrepreneurs trying to improve [25:12]

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Jessi Honard (@jessicahonard) is a storyteller, author, teacher, and word nerd. She is a former high school English teacher turned entrepreneur who now helps business owners tell their story in a compelling way that results in business growth.

jessi honard helping a business owner with copywriting

Owl Eyes Creative is a writing and editing firm that specializes in custom content creation. They excel at business writing, creative writing, ghostwriting, fundraising, targeted marketing campaigns, and web content creation.

The STEADY Formula:

  1. Strategic | Is it a single solution for a single problem?
  2. Targeted | Do you know your audience?
  3. Educational | Does it empower your audience?
  4. Actionable | Can the audience use it immediately?
  5. Digestible | Can your audience consume it?
  6. Your Own | Is it unique to your brand and personality?

“You’re never going to get better if you don’t practice.” – Jessi Honard


Guest: Jessi Honard
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Company: Owl Eyes Creative

Host: Laura Petersen
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