book outline writing tips - how to write a book for business owners with the pst method

Write Your Book Outline (Fast, Detailed, and No Stress) with the P.S.T. Method

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Watch this 9-minute video overview (below) of how to implement the P.S.T. Method for writing your book outline without stress.

Writing a book is easy once you have a clear, detailed book outline and your brain has had a chance to rattle all the ideas out of it and know you are on the right path! Once that is taken care of, the writing of the book part is fast!

Your book outline will magically come together using these steps:

P: Post-It Notes
S: Spiderweb Mindmap
T: Timeline

You can complete the P.S.T. Method in a couple of hours or a couple of days (if you want to ‘sleep on it’ in between steps). But either way, you’ll have your book outline crystal clear faster than two shakes of a lamb’s tail! 😛

Pro Tip:

1. Watch the video above
2. Set a timer for 20 minutes and DO the “P” step
3. Set a timer for 20 minutes and DO the “S” step
4. Set a timer for 20 minutes and DO the “T” step

In just about one hour, you will have a detailed outline for your book. You can always add and tweak it! But psychologically, you have to get started and feel some forward momentum to get out of “the valley of procrastination” — a place so many of the folks who work with me get stuck in. 🙂

You are not alone. But take action forward.

My Best Advice

If you are here and reading this, do not close the browser window, do not open up a social media app on your phone, and do not clean your desk for the 100th time…not before doing the P.S.T. Method first!

I can’t wait to see how your book outline starts to take clear shape!



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