Write and Self Publish Your Book Without Delay {Cool Benefits Await You}

Why You Need to Publish Your Book Without Delay {Cool Benefits Await You}

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Publish Your Book Without Delay Because Cool Benefits Await Action Takers

True story…

When I wrote Copywriting for Podcasters at the end of 2016 (1st time author), I knew it would help me gain credibility but I didn’t really see a whole ton else as a clear path.#tbh

Flash forward to Wednesday night.

I was at an event (the paperback book launch party for my client Davide Di Giorgio who hit #1 in 8 countries…and #2 in 2 more with his book Being Unapologetic: Empowering You to Become an Influential Speaker and Visionary Leader)…

And I saw a woman not talking with anyone, so went up and said, ‘Hello.’

We got chatting and she asked what I did…I told her about the booky things and she said she self published her first book back in 2001. 📚

A trailblazer!😍

She said she was working on improving her podcasts.🎙

I said, “Oh, I have a podcast too! Here’s the artwork for it.” And I showed her the back of my phone (it has the Copy That Pops logo on there).

“Wait a second…I have seen that logo before!” she said.

She grabbed her phone and unlocked it…

“Oh, cool, have you listened to my show?”

“No…but I just read your book cover to cover while on vacation last week and have it all marked up and highlighted!”

Opening up the Kindle app, there was my book (actually both my books were there on her phone)!

my bestselling self published books on someones phone who i just met at a book launch event in san diego

I had never seen my books on someone else’s phone before.

She showed me the highlighting and said she loved how it was packed with helpful info she could actually apply asap, not just fluff like a lot of other books.

I have to say that I was very excited by this.

A woman I had never met, never spoken to, never heard of or from…had just read my book and said she loved it!

How many more are out there who I haven’t heard from yet?

Who I haven’t met randomly yet who has discovered me?


This story just goes to show…
– put out your stories and your lessons learned
– others WILL find it (on one of the biggest sites in the WORLD…aka Amazon)
– you will make an impact
– you will help people (how many? dunno…but just 1 is worth it!)
– you will continue to reap rewards long after the book is live

As I write this, I am about to run upstairs and pack for Australia. I am speaking at an event there for podcasters (called We Are Podcast).

What about?

Well, they already had someone talking about books, so I am talking about Copywriting for Podcasters. How fitting!

Who else would a conference for podcasters want to talk about copywriting than the person who wrote THE BOOK on it?

➡️ THAT is what YOU are doing as well.

Write THE BOOK on something in your niche (or something you are passionate about), get it out there, and watch the seeds continue to sprout, grow, and produce fruit!💗🌱🌳🍏


And, if you are feeling any roadblocks pop up. That is normal.

Share them in here…it’s a safe space.

Let us help ‘talk some confidence’ back into you!

– If not you, then WHO?
– If not now, then WHEN?

You are more worthy than you know.

No one has the stories you have to tell.
No one has learned the lessons like you have to share.
No one strives to help the world in the same way as you do.

And no one….NO ONE…is standing in your way from inspiring, instructing, and impacting with your books.📚📚📚


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