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The email below will help!

But first, some background…

Today I got to meet up with a wonderful girlfriend of mine (in Frankfurt) who is from Germany but we hadn’t seen each other in years (we originally met in Peru near Lake Titicaca. Yes, that is a real name. haha).

In three days she leaves for an extended backpacking adventure in Asia, after just finishing her PhD in Psychology.

And she is thinking about how she can make an extended trip more into a lifestyle.

She’s not afraid of work.

She just wants to work on her own terms. Be able to live where she wants. Be able to do what she loves.

So we excitedly talked about business ideas and where to start.

Being obsessed as I am, I had a million things to squeeze into our 4 hour meeting and started writing notes to myself about what I wanted to share with her later.

I wrote out a long email as soon as I got back on the train.

Then I thought maybe it would make for a good post to share with others!

If you are just starting out and want some great resources to inspire you and show you IT IS possible, then keep reading!

Share with me what helps you.

xo Laura

Hi Franzi!

Was truly an amazing day seeing you! Thank you for the Starbucks (omg – got my FIX!) and the lunch too! And the great laughs learning the small but important difference between expressions. 😉 haha Some things do not directly translate so elegantly. lol

Here are some items I promised to send!

So much great stuff to open your eyes to a NEW WORLD of online business and remote working. 🙂

I’ll never ever go back. And I’d LOVE helping you too!

Tim Ferriss
He is the real deal. Every one who knows anything about business online knows his name and most site his book as a must read. It’s been translated into like 24+ languages the world over so it’s legit.

1. The Four Hour Work Week.
Read it. Read it. Read it.

It’s my bible. It will put into words all the things you are thinking and feeling and all the things you don’t realize you believe yet because it wasn’t fully formulated in your head.

2. His podcast is also amazing. Fascinating, inspiring, funny, informative.

3. So is his blog.
(Notice the great “landing page” for his homepage. One main goal …to get you to enter your email. :))

Pat Flynn
1. SmartPassiveIncome.com (his website / blog). Full of TONS of helpful info.

He even publishes his monthly earnings in detail so you can see what he is actually making money from!!!!
$171,000. Last. MONTH. omg

2. His podcast is also very good! I recommend!

3. Ebooks the Smart Way (free ebook…for the price of your email ;)). Use as a template to start thinking about getting your first book being sold digitally on Amazon.

Bryan Harris
He has a site called Video Fruit. Now he focuses on helping people build their email lists.

I love his style and his out of the box ideas. He does free webinars a lot and they are great info!

Amy Porterfield
Need to throw a lady into the mix! She’s great for blog content, podcasts, and more for online marketing “made easy.”  www.amyporterfield.com

Why you should publish a book on amazon:
Here’s a Free 5-day training I created!

www.patreon.com a way for others to contribute funds to support your creative works

This podcast is making $15,000 / MONTH.

– You can sign up to tutor English and/or German online.
– Google search this to find tons more!
– Not quite a ‘business’ but a way to start making money while traveling and building your own site.

Creative Live
– Amazing courses on tons of topics. Photography! Business! And more! Likely copywriting for business too! (which you asked about)

– Watch the course I mentioned called Make More Money and Discover Your Worth (just the mental mindset you and I both need!). One of the teachers is an AMAZING photographer named Sue Bryce. Her portraits are absolutely stunning. Love her.

My Websites / Projects
Podtent Marketing
Copy That Pops (this one)

Outsourcing Work…when you are ready
– www.Upwork.com
– www.OnlineJobs.ph

You can find people fluent in English in the Philippines for example who will happily work 30-40/hours per week for $400+/month. That is a great wage for their standard of living and you get tons of help with busywork you shouldn’t do anymore.

– research, social media, writing blogs (or at least the starts of them and then you can polish up for publishing, website design, video editing, podcast editing,…anything that can be done remotely.

Okay, I know this is a lot! But I am so excited to hear what you discover in all these. Let’s keep the idea flow going! No idea is a bad idea!

And it may take a little while to hone in on a focus, but that is part of the process!

And any ‘failure’ is just an opportunity to learn and do better next time. I’ve ‘started’ at least 5 businesses that went noooooo wheeeerrreeeee before Student-Tutor [update: I am now a silent partner here and working full-time on Copy That Pops and Accelerant Media Group]. It doesn’t matter. It’s the journey.

And with the tools at your finger tips and some tips from me, you can do it faster than I did, I believe!


Well, then I need to also show you this:

Click Funnels – what I use to build online sales funnels

Once they are effective, we can drive traffic to them to:

1. build our email lists (and sell to them what they want and need….what is that, you ask? ….ask your audience! …once you build an email list you can ASK THEM what their pain points are and get their feedback on what they would want to buy BEFORE you make it!)

2. sell our products and/or services (next I plan to learn how to do Facebook Ads well so we can spend $100 and make $2000+)

It’s all possible.

So so so so many people are doing it already. In ‘random’ niches you’d never think anyone would care about enough to pay money for things.

So why can’t we? WE CAN.

We just have to stop making up reasons why ‘we can’t yet’ and decide to figure it out and step forward. 🙂



PS: Have a safe flight to Hong Kong!