162: "Thud Factor" Book Tips for Positioning Yourself as a Thought Leader with Samantha Riley

162: “Thud Factor” Book Tips for Positioning Yourself as a Thought Leader with Samantha Riley

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Didn’t finish high school, started a business at age 20, and built her 7-figure business from the ground up.

Our special guest, Samantha Riley, has 25 years of building and growing businesses, as well as, her own podcast Thought leaders Business Lab Podcast.

If you’re a thought leader or an inspiring one ready to play a bigger game and make more money, this interview is a must listen.

We talk about:
– How she got started in entrepreneurship at a young age
– A seven-figure business built by late 20s (Dancewear)
– Lessons learned, that only improve business mindset
– Where she is today and the journey to get there
– Power of a niche
– Coaching around positioning (9 Principles)
– Books are so powerful for positioning and branding
– Two things to combat reading blocks: Ocean and Brian FM app
– Biggest takeaway: Fear of showing up

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Our Guest

She helps people become the go-to authority and turn their expertise into a thriving business.

Samantha Riley is the co-founder of the Global Thought Leaders Network, an international business growth coach, speaker, #1 best-selling author, and host of the Thought Leaders Business Lab podcast, with nearly 25 years personal experience in building and growing businesses.

If you’re a thought leader who is ready to play a bigger game so you can make more money, and create a life filled with freedom and purpose, then she is your gal.

Samantha’s Highlights & Fun Facts

  • She didn’t graduate from High school
  • Built a 7-figure business by the end of her 20s
  • Started her entrepreneur journey at 8 years old, selling goodies at school
  • She loves to draw out and amplify the unique ‘Diamond Factor’ of every client she works with

Great Quotes

  • “Anything that has cost me money over the years, I remember really well.” – Samantha Riley
  • “Do you have more time than money or more money than time?” – Laura Petersen
  • “A book is so important, it’s got THUD value.” – Samantha Riley
  • “Psychologically, what we choose to say yes or no to, has a big deal to do with status.” – Laura Petersen
  • “How is this going to be a tool that serves your readers, that serves your business, that’s worth your time and effort.” – Laura Petersen
  • “Biggest takeaway: If you want to be positioned as an expert in the marketplace then that’s the way you need to show up.” – Samantha Riley

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