088: Profitable, Polarizing, and Proud Coaching [No Paid Advertising Required] with Marc Mawhinney

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A Coaching Story:

10 seconds left in the game and who do you look to for help? Your coach of course!

Today we talk with a coach’s coach about coaching…and so much more! Writing emails, a print-based newsletter, dealing with haters, and…there’s even a Secret Coach’s Club that you can get into, but you have to tune in to find out how!

A few exciting highlights include:Marc Mawhinney headshot - expert coach coaching coaches
– Find out how Marc handles the haters.
– Learn which is worst – a hater or a frenemy?!
– Gain incredible insight from an expert on how to help others build their business!
– An unexpected lesson we can learn from the Anthony Weiner scandal.
– Daily email marketing advice and results (open rates actually went UP with more emails!).
– Where to get ideas for effective emails and social media posts.
– How to be present, but not pushy.
– Why Marc’s monthly print-only newsletter is treated like gold by subscribers.
– What is the “JLD Effect”?

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Great Quotes:

  • “That helped toughen me up; it gave me a tougher skin.” – Marc Mawhinney
  • “If you’re only motivated by the money, when you hit those inevitable challenges when things get difficult- you’re not going to have the motivation to keep going.” – Marc Mawhinney
  • “That’s how I handle haters – I either ignore them or mock them for business purposes.” – Marc Mawhinney
  • “Just because they don’t like something, doesn’t mean it’s bad for business.” – Marc Mawhinney
  • “Not everyone cares about everything you’re doing.” – Marc Mawhinney
  • “People aren’t seeing everything you post.” – Marc Mawhinney
  • “I decided to open up my writing and really just not do what everyone else was doing.” – Marc Mawhinney
  • “Ideas come from everywhere.” – Marc Mawhinney
  • “I’m telling stories, I’m making it fun, I’m keeping it kind of loose, but I’m giving them something that they appreciate.” – Marc Mawhinney
  • “You should be posting on your Facebook at least 3 – 4 times a day.” – Marc Mawhinney
  • “Just be yourself.” – Marc Mawhinney

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