PRESS RELEASE: Child of Abusive Heroin Addict Still Thankful for His Late Mother, With Whom He Shares the Same Birthday.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 20, 2018

Child of Abusive Heroin Addict Still Thankful for His Late Mother,
With Whom He Shares the Same Birthday.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Jimmy Colson, now multi-millionaire business owner, was raised by abusive addicts, bounced in and out of foster care, and was even homeless. He shares the same birthday with this mother Linda: November 26.

Throughout his childhood, his mother and her addict friends would steal as much as they could from stores and force Jimmy and his younger sister to return it for cash. The money was not used to feed the starving children forced to do this, but to get the addicts their next fix.

On Jimmy’s 18th birthday — also Linda’s 37th — Jimmy arrived home to find his mother and friend “shit-faced drunk, slurring their words, and yelling at me.” Heartbroken that she had gone back on her promise to stay sober to celebrate their birthdays together, Jimmy confronted her. “She slammed down her empty gallon of vodka and they beat me up. I did not swing back.”

In a new tell-all book From the Depths: A Journey from Addiction, Abuse, and Homelessness to Positively Impacting the World, Jimmy Colson reflects on his mother after dying from a drug overdose: “Our baby pictures were covered in trash. Used syringes and garbage covered the last relics from our lost childhoods….I loved my mother. I hated my monster. I loved the thought of who she could be. I hated the person she had become.”

But despite it all, Jimmy is thankful for everything life has thrown at him to make him stronger and more compassionate. He is even grateful for his mother. “The lost little girl who was my mom is now a guardian angel to my daughter and my son. I believe she had so much love to give but was lost in all the pain that she experienced throughout her lonely and sad life.”

Jimmy Colson is an American Board Certified Orthotist who owns one of the fastest-growing orthotics and prosthetics companies in Nevada, Precision Orthotics and Prosthetics. He and his family-owned company are committed to giving back and he has even received Congressional recognition for doing good in the community.

With the help of Laura Petersen from Copy That Pops Publishing, Jimmy Colson is debuting his raw and real book for only $0.99 on Cyber Monday (his 46th birthday and what would have been his mother’s 65th birthday) with the mission to show others with a troubled past that they too can achieve success and have a positive impact on the world.

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