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The Power of Words and the Company You Keep with Steve Rodgers: Want Warren Buffet, John Assaraff, and Brian Tracy in your inner circle?

Yes! Well, our guest Steve Rodgers — a Real Estate CEO, best-selling author, and international keynote speaker — has worked with these and many other powerful business thought leaders.

We will dive into the power of words, the psychology of your network, and even veganism!

A few exciting highlights include:
– Learn how to successfully combine your business and your lifestyle
– Find out how Warren Buffett may really be just like us!
– Check out how similar family changes led us both to the vegan lifestyle
– Moving from Branch manager to CEO!
– Find out how Steve challenges his clients every day!
– Learn how to improve your inner circle of mentors to help you stay on the path of purpose and success
– Understanding the power of words and how it can help you in your business
– The psychology of connecting with people by working ON your business and not just working IN your business.
– Making a daily life scorecard that can help you attain goals in your business and personal life!

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Business, lifestyle consultant, and author, Steve Rodgers is a leader helping others discover, maximize, and increase their highest good and purpose in life and business.

Steve’s extraordinarily successful career spans being the CEO of a real estate firm generating $25 billion in annual sales, almost 40,000 transactions, managing a team of 4,600 agents, starting and running his own ultra successful real estate company and collaborating with the elite.

One of Steve’s career highlights was meeting and working for Warren Buffett for many years. His inner circle includes many great leaders such as John Assaraff, Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Thompson.

His wife’s life threatening health crisis was the impetus for Steve to switch to giving back and helping others achieve their dreams. Steve is happily married with adult children and grandchildren. He has committed to a vegan lifestyle for over a year and enjoys traveling, boating, yoga, meditation practices, kung fu, the arts, films, and biking, skydiving, and white water rafting.

Great Quotes:

  • “They are comfortable in their own skin of knowing what their greatness is.” – Steve Rodgers
  • “They didn’t fire a CEO; they just created an entrepreneur.” – Steve Rodgers
  • “I want to coach them on the entire formula of life.” – Steve Rodgers
  • “Words absolutely have meaning.” – Steve Rodgers
  • “I know the power of words.” – Steve Rodgers
  • “I started seeking out where I can find more fear in my life and go towards that fear which created more empowerment; which created more fulfillment; which created more happiness.” – Steve Rodgers
  • “I want myself and others to really evolve to their highest good in their life and business.” – Steve Rodgers
  • “Everyone likes to be recognized.” –Steve Rodgers
  • “You’re learning, growing, or digesting something about what you have as your connection to your higher being.” – Steve Rodgers

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