Podcast Guest Info

Interested in being a guest on Copy That Pops podcast?


Here are some important tidbits that will help prepare us both to have a great convo and bring lots of value to the listener.


  1. Audio only!
    During the call, although we will use Skype, we will keep the video off. This is for two reasons:
    – Better audio quality without the video using data/juice
    – I may react to body language unconsciously and leave the listener confused!
  2. Increase bandwidth and strength of internet and Skype connection:
    – Shut off other things running in the background (lots of open browser windows, Dropbox or Google Drive syncing, file downloads or streaming)
    – “Hardwire” into your modem – no wifi.
    – Reduce competing use of bandwidth from others in house or office, if possible (if others are streaming videos or downloading large files it will affect your connection and audio quality).
  3. Use headphones or microphone (the best option you have).
    – No speaking into the computer’s speaker. That makes an echo.
  4. Turn off all notifications on your computer and phone.
    – Silence your cell phone
    – Turn off notifications from Skype, Facebook, iMessage, your calendar, etc.
    – Disconnect landlines in the room (if that still exists ;))
  5. Where are you?
    – Try not to be in a room with hardwood floors. But if you must, lay rugs or blankets down to help reduce the echo.
    – Don’t sit facing a wall 5 feet or less in front of you.
    – In a car: Actually okay because the upholstery soaks up reverberation. Just DO NOT do it while driving and turn off AC and engine.
    – Coffee shops and co-working spaces are not ideal because you will not be able to speak at full volume and project your voice clearly and confidently.
  6. Reduce echo in room you are in and sounds from outside:
    – Close doors and windows
    – Close curtains or drapes on windows
  7. Tell others in house or office not to disturb. 🙂
    – Maybe hang a little sign outside the door if needed.
  8. Switch off noisy appliances
    – TVs, radios, air conditioners, fans, etc.
    – And if your computer fan is running loudly: Go into settings and reduce the fan speed. Make sure you close out all unnecessary programs and reboot your system so you don’t cause any damage.
  9. Don’t fidget or type on computer.
    – No table kicking, pen clicking, paper rustling, or typing.
    – Also, avoid playing with your mic during the interview.


  1. Timing: I appreciate your time and will do my best to keep the full call to under 45 minutes (pre and post chat + 30 min or less interview).
  2. Natural is better than scripted. Below I will give you an idea of some general items I will ask about, but keep in mind the idea that “this is two people having an interesting convo about stuff they love.” Listeners are flies on the wall of real conversations.
  3. “Stories sell.” If you have to pick between entertaining stories or educational facts, go with the stories.
    – People love stories and are naturally pulled in. Just remember to get to the punchline or point fairly quickly. Don’t ramble or people will tune out.
    – I will help steer us back on course if need be, so no stress!
  4. General Overview of What to Expect
               Pro “Intro” and music will be added in editing.

    1. Quick show welcome and intro myself, tease interview.
    2. Mini-announcement about FB group or something else interesting for audience.
    3. Intro and welcome you! (Respond with enthusiasm! :))
    4. Personal & professional background info to elicit stories (that’s what’s most interesting and connecting)
    5. Ask about a set-back you overcame and tell the story around it (to make you relatable)
    6. Dive into your expertise around copy for business generating elements like:
      – landing pages
      – email nurture sequences
      – webinars
      – courses
      – books
      – etc.
    7. Share a win.
      – Driving traffic to these landing pages or webpages via: videos, FB ads, Google PPC, remarketing, blogging, guest blogging, TV/radio ads, physical marketing, webinars, etc.
      – Improving conversions via: visuals, copywriting, videos, guarantees, playing with pricing, bonus offers, upsells, A/B split testing, analytics, market research, surveys, involving customers in product development, email campaigns, etc.
      – Wowing clients and customers to create raving fans, communities, tribes, brand advocates – Examples: an experiment they ran that was successful, best tips or tricks learned from experience
    8. Your best advice for someone just starting out
    9. Your best advice for someone who already has landing pages and funnels set up and is looking to kick things into a higher gear
    10. Most recommended tips, tools, books to get more traffic, more conversions, and more brand loyalty (have 3 prepared to mention)
      – The more specific the better.
      – Whatever you say I will link out in the shownotes.
    11. Freebie/promo giveaway we can link out on shownotes? or discount code for listeners of the show on courses/products?
    12. How can the audience learn more about you?
    13. I’ll thank you and do any post announcements + goodbyes (don’t hang up!)
    14. It’s a wrap!
      But I may ask a few fun follow up questions for splicing into future shows while I have you on the line.

Note: This is not 100% set in stone.
It is a structure to jump off from but if we go down an interesting rabbit hole the audience will enjoy, we’ll roll with it!

1. Book an interview time here!

2. Email me 3 images:
– a high quality headshot
– company logo
– fun personal pic (if comfortable sharing)




For a cool way to engage our listeners and really drive success for your brand from this interview I would suggest listening to this podcast episode. A gentleman by the name of Kevin Rodgers was on one of my favorite podcast Entrepreneur on Fire. The traffic this podcasts receives in general is pretty high, but Kevin took it up a notch and drove so much traffic to his site as well as the podcast he was on. I was really impressed and my trying to sum up tips would not have done it justice. I was so impressed with how this gentleman was able to drive traffic for his brand using an interview. You can play the podcast before or follow this link to listen and view show notes.

The 7 points in this podcast that are worth noting for guests to help their own brand are:

  1. Prepare
  2. Tell a story (People are engaged by stories)
  3. Plan a head (Perhaps think of your shout outs)
  4. Promote it (More than just go listen, but why the content would matter to the person you are promoting it to)
  5. Leverage Social
  6. Follow up
  7. Make it easy

Although I gave you the outline, taking a few minutes to listen to the podcast and read over these show notes will help make this opportunity the best for both of us.