Pat Flynn Surprise Birthday with the SD Entrepreneurs

Dec 5th = Our next in-person meeting (will you be there?…even if not, scroll down!)
Dec 6th = Pat Flynn’s bday!


Here is how you can participate (you can do any and all of them, if you like!). And you can participate even if you cannot make it to the meeting on the 5th. See below!


OPTION 1:  🎵 Singing Fun  🎵

We will edit bits and pieces of each submission for a fun “Happy Birthday song” mashup.
To participate:
– Record a short video of you singing “Happy Birthday” to Pat + SHORT (10-20 seconds) “Thank you” message
– Put video file in the dropbox folder here:
– DEADLINE: Wednesday, Nov 28 at 6pm PST

OPTION 2:  ✍️ Write a Little Note  ✍️

We will print it off and add it to a physical card that we will give to him at the next meeting, so anyone can participate, even if you are not going to make it on 12/5.
To participate:
– Write a “thank you / happy birthday” note about how Pat has impacted you (300 words or less)
– Make sure to include your name, business, and url at the bottom (feel free to include a small photo of your face)
– Put Word or PDF file the dropbox folder here:
– DEADLINE: Wednesday, Nov 28 at 6pm PST

Option 3:  💰 Contribute $ to a Donut Party + Charity  💰

We SD Entrepreneurs will use the money for balloons, specialty donuts for all in attendance on the 5th, printing notes from option 2, and a big birthday card you can also sign there. Any extra money we will put toward a Pencils of Promise donation in his birthday honor (we can shout out the club too).
To participate:
– Click here to contribute:
***do not share your donation to Facebook, so Pat won’t see it! haha***
– DEADLINE: Wednesday, Nov 28 at 6pm PST (requested)…but campaign shuts down 12/5


Remember, you CAN participate in 1, 2, and/or 3 above.

Let’s make Pat’s birthday special! 🙂