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06/30/15 - EP 033: IMA Leader with Dominick Sirianni
09/18/15 - EP 043: Empowered Lab with Kristin Slice
02/19/16 - EP 068: IMA Leader with Dominick Sirianni
05/05/16 - EP 024: Addiction Support Podcast with Melissa Sue Tucker
07/23/16 - EP 148: Life Hackz Show with Marcus Meurer
08/16/16 - EP 021: Inspired by Imua (co-hosted) with Meghan Alonso
10/17/16 - EP 092: Roman Castro Vlog with Roman Castro
10/26/16 - EP 408: 12 Minute Convos with Engel Jones
11/08/16 - EP 180: Live to Grind with Brandon T. Adams (shout out)
11/24/16 - EP 063: Angles of Latitude with J.C. Preston
11/29/16 - EP 186: Live to Grind with Brandon T. Adams (shout out)
12/04/16 - EP 008: Drop and Give Me 20 with Lindsey Germono
12/07/16 - EP 027: Letsplore with Adrian Aguilar
12/09/16 - EP 014: Entrepreneurs in Motion with Shayna Oliveria
12/20/16 - EP 192: Live to Grind with Brandon T. Adams (shout out)
12/22/16 - EP 193: Live to Grind with Brandon T. Adams
12/29/16 - EP 195: Live to Grind with Brandon T. Adams (shout out)
01/05/17 - EP 197 - Live to Grind with Brandon T. Adams (shout out)
01/10/17 - EP 198 - Live to Grind with Brandon T. Adams (shout out)
02/22/17 - EP 199: 360 Entrepreneur with Yann Ilunga
02/27/17 - Starve the Doubts with Jared Easley of Podcast Movement
03/01/17 - EP 036: Texas Real Estate Bible Podcast Kevin & Karen Scott
03/09/17 - EP 215: Live to Grind with Brandon T. Adams (shout out)
05/09/17 - EP 051: Internet Ballers with Michael Pasha
05/19/17 - EP 042: Dorm Rooms to Conference Rooms Sabah Ali & Dan Tieman
06/20/17 - EP 047: The eStore Coaching Podcast with Jason Chan
06/29/17 - EP 247: of Live to Grind Brandon T. Adams & Akbar Shiekh (shout out)
07/02/17 - Expert Interviews Live with Michael Griffiths
07/28/17 - EP 021: Blogger to Author with Dr. Beth Brombosz
08/23/17 - What's the Word on Blog Talk Radio with Cheval John
09/11/17 - EP 519: Natural Born Coaches with Marc Mawhinney
09/29/17 - EP 284: Live to Grind with Brandon T. Adams
11/15/17 - EP 113: Begin Self-Publishing Podcast with Tim Lewis
11/20/17 - EP 046: Build Your Network with Travis Chappell
01/21/18 - EP 083: Negotiate Anything with Kwame Christian Esq., MA
02/14/18 - EP 189: Food Heals with Allison Melody & Suzy Hardy
02/19/18 - EP 034: Readily Random with Larry Roberts 


06/2016 -  DNX Digital Nomad Retreat - Lemnos, Greece
02/2017 - Podcast Cruise - En route Florida to Mexico
03/2017 -  Stegela Success Mastery - San Diego, CA
05/2017 -  Student-Tutor Teenage Digital Age Mastermind
08/2017 -  Podcast Movement - Virtual Presentation
09/2017 -  Podcast Success Summit
10/2017 -  Online Course Success Summit
12/2017 -  In the Trenches MBA
12/2017 -  Biz BFF Summit
01/2018 -  Ultimate Stage Experience
02/2018 -  Massive Success Breakthrough


Features / Mentions 
Huffington Post  
Internet Marketing Association
Iowa State Daily 
MSNBC's American Express OPEN - T.V. segment 
Podcast Websites  
Thrive Global: 3 Tips for a Highly Motivated Life  
Word Symmetry 

Accelerant Magazine Summer 2017 (contributing author & cover photographer)
Accelerant Magazine Fall 2017 (contributing author)
Amazon (author of #1 best selling book in "Podcasts & Webcasts" in U.S. & Canada)
Influencive (article author - coming soon)
Internet Marketing Association (article author)
Prime the Pipeline Project (P3): Putting Knowledge to Work (editor)
Thought Leader Magazine (contributing author) - print only
Thrive Global (article author)

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Short Bio:
Laura Petersen (a.k.a. Laptop Laura) is a tall math and psychology teacher turned persuasive writing expert and Amazon best-selling book launch strategist. A podcaster, speaker, #1 international best-selling author, and course creator, Laura loves helping entrepreneurs step into the light and grow their brand and businesses.

Long Bio:

Laura Petersen is a tall math and psychology teacher turned entrepreneur who’s taken lessons learned from a successful tutoring and test prep company (Student-Tutor) to grow in the content marketing world as a podcaster (Copy That Pops), international speaker, #1 international best-selling author on Amazon (Copywriting for Podcasters), and course creator (Biz Book Secrets Masterclass).

Laura has contributed to or been mentioned in publications such as Huffington Post, InfluenciveThrive Global, Accelerant Magazine, Thought Leader Magazine, Iowa State Daily, and the Internet Marketing Association’s blog and podcast.

For fun, Laura loves international travel (40 countries and counting!) with her husband and their dog Tuck, lots of garlic, and re-runs of The I.T. Crowd

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