how to improve your blog - writing advice live with eric piccione, signe beck, and laptoplaura from copy that pops

Improve Your Blog Writing – Live Copy Consult with Eric Piccione of Financial Freedom and Me

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We jumped on live to give feedback on blogging, copywriting, and even visuals that go in your blog to improve Eric Piccione’s site!

“1,000 True Fans” by Kevin Kelly (website) and the book by the same name with Ramit Sethi with Pat Flynn for GaryVee’s website
Warren Buffet’s wealth chart
Mr. Money Mustache
Tom Wheel Wright
Psychology of Money book

Watch the Tips to Improve Your Blog!

Some Fast Takeaways:
– Show personality in writing and visuals
– Remember that you don’t need to connect with “everyone” to be successful, but when you are getting started, it’s best to deeply connect with your core avatar or ideal audience. Don’t be afraid to narrow down at the beginning.
– On the homepage of your website, consider having a hero banner with a very clear headline that calls out who your site is for and what they will get–with relevant visuals
– Reuse images you custom make to make your blog more engaging and personalized on social media to promote the blog post
– Reuse/repurpose content from portions of your blog in your social media posts
– Set outbound links to open in a new window
– Use alt tag text to improve your blog’s SEO and the accessibility of images for visually impaired readers
– More coming soon…