164: Hypnosis, Book Promotion Street Teams, and Writing Out of Order with Bri Seeley

164: Hypnosis, Book Promotion Street Teams, and Writing Out of Order with Bri Seeley

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THREE surprising things a fashion designer turned hypnotizing business coach can teach you about writing your next bestselling book.

Our guest today, Bri Seeley, started her entrepreneur adventure at a young age and today, she is Hypnotherapist and Coach who hosts the popular Permission to Leap Podcast and wrote a bestselling book with over 115 reviews called Permission to Leap: The Six-Phase Journey to Bring Your Vision to Life. You may have seen her on the TODAY Show or Forbes!

She has many tips and insights you’ll want to hear. 

We talk about:
– Abroad adventure, watching TV shows to learn Italian
– Shutting down her fashion business
– Hypnosis therapy and the path to getting started
– Rapid Transformational Therapy: Brains are like computers running old apps 
– A clear message to write a book
– Bri went to Seattle to write a book, wrote it in 3 weeks
– How do you eat an elephant? (Baby steps to writing a book)
– Advice around promoting your book: street team and reviews
Put exercises in the book and other reader bonuses
Wrote one chapter at a time, out of order
3 editors to help with flow and consistency
“Future Self Meditation”
– Naughty cats on Instagram

Check them out 
Permission to Leap: The Six-Phase Journey to Bring Your Vision to Life 
Permission to Leap Podcast

164: Hypnosis, Book Promotion Street Teams, and Writing Out of Order with Bri Seeley

Our Guest

Bri Seeley is a born catalyst and natural truth-teller with a history in psychology and entrepreneurship. Despite her two degrees in fashion design, she was unknowingly taken down the path of healing and transforming lives as a coach and hypnotherapist through a  series of “accidents,” “coincidences,” and divine guidance.

She combines a lifetime of personal experience, psychological concepts, hypnotherapy, and Universal Laws with over a decade of entrepreneurship, coaching, and counseling expertise to support people in turning their back on the life of ‘should’ to begin unapologetically living their truth and walking their soul’s path.

Her specialty is truly helping people accelerate their destiny to become their future selves today.

Bri’s best-selling book, Permission to Leap, is available now on Amazon.

You may have seen her on NBC’s The TODAY Show, Forbes, Thrive Global, Medium, New Day Northwest, and Huffington Post.

Bri’s Highlights:

  • Started her entrepreneur journey at age 15
  • In 2016, she received the Outstanding Small Business Award from the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office
  • Named Top 40 Millennial Influencer to Follow in 2018 by New Theory
  • Hosts Permission to Leap Podcast

 Great Quotes

  • “I didn’t fall into it [being a coach], this is absolutely what I have been groomed for.” – Bri Seeley
  • “It’s not just about being liked, it’s about being a leader and getting stuff done together.” – Laura Petersen
  • “Know what works for you and just take it one bite at a time.” – Bri Seeley
  • “When my soul and higher self speak to me, it’s very grounded.” – Bri Seeley
  • “By saying trying your psychologically giving yourself an out.” – Laura Petersen
  • “Having an opt-in with extra bonuses for the readers is a great strategy to turn people who find you on Amazon into leads and potential clients.'” – Laura Petersen

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