How to Pick a Business Name: Tips, Tricks, and Tools [free]

How to Pick a Business Name: Tips, Tricks, and Tools [free]

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So today the hubs and I sat down for an hour or two to brainstorm names for websites and podcasts. He doesn’t like the current name of this website (…update: It’s now Copy That Pops!) because it’s a mouthful and I was having second thoughts myself.

Plus, we are both thinking about getting into the podcast game and need a name for that which could also compliment a business name and website URL.

I thought I’d share the sites I used for some creative idea brainstorming PLUS checking to see if things are still available online for social media and a website URL.

1: Brainstorm words that have to do with you personally and/or the potential business or podcast

me personally:

  • tall
  • female / gal / chica / girl
  • teacher / nerd / life-long learner
  • travelaholic
  • Starbucks enthusiast
  • free wifi seeker
  • entrepreneur

business / podcast keywords:

  • business / entrepreneur / startup / podcast / biz / company
  • online marketing / online business creation
  • tips / tricks / techniques
  • free resources
  • learn from others’ successes and failures
  • social / viral / community
  • chat / talk / interview / collaborate

variations and abbreviations to consider:

  • biz
  • e-  (a la e-learning or e-business)

2: Start writing out combos of words that capture your essence

  • entrepreneursanonymous
  • startuproutines
  • wanderingbiz
  • startupobsession
  • ebizcommunity

3: Check if they are available for a URL still

I always use and just type things in and see what’s still possible as a .com.startuproutines godaddy web name

If .com is taken I sometimes consider .biz or .tips but tend to always keep trying until a .com I want is available.

Here’s an example: is taken but GoDaddy offers other suggestions with that word in it and you can even refine the search by naming:

  • the highest price (I entered $50 here)
  • the longest number of characters (I put 10 here)
  • the extensions you’ll consider (I have .com, .biz, and .tips) isn’t horrible! not available example from godaddy

4: If I’m getting really stuck I use sites to increase my creativity

Sometimes what you want is taken, so you have to get more creative to see what’s available.

Sites I use to increase my creativity in naming a website or podcast show include:

5: Checking Social Availability

For me it’s important that any name I choose, even if it has the URL available, needs to also be available on the major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

But I do not want to spend time searching them on each platform.

Enter: Name Check ( )

Here’s a search for StartUpRoutines. Looks like all major ones are available except for Vine.

And they list social sites I didn’t even know existed, so check out all the options to have your brand represented across platforms (upon scroll you see like a million more – try it!).

namechk social checking sites


The Final Step

Once I pick a name I like and it’s available on social media sites and for sale as a domain, I tend to go and buy the domain and the hosting with BlueHost.

I prefer their hosting even though GoDaddy does a better job with the searching feature.

Now it’s time to build your website and drive some traffic on in!


Back to You!

What other awesome sites or tips help you with name creation? Tweet me!