how to buy author copies of your book on amazon

How to Order Author Copies of Your Book on Amazon (Step by Step)

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Ordering author copies of your book on Amazon, is very easy! There are just a few steps to follow, and you’ll be able to purchase copies of your published book via your checkout cart in Amazon.

STEP 1: Go to Your Kindle Direct Publishing Account

To order author copies of your book on Amazon…
• Go to and make sure you are on your Bookshelf.
• Once there, you will see your published books below.

How to Order Author Copies of Your Book on Amazon - step 1 at kindle direct publishing

STEP 2: Click on “Order author copies” Inside KDP

• Find the book you want to order author copies of and click the three dots to on the right-hand side.
• Another menu will pop up. Click “Order author copies.”

click order author copies inside kdp

STEP 3: Select Book Quantity and Marketplace

• Type in how many you want to purchase — you can do up to 999.
• Then select the Amazon store from which your account is set up, in my case
• Then click “Add to cart.”

STEP 4: Proceed to Checkout

• Confirm the order quantity.
• Click “Proceed to checkout.”

STEP 5: Confirm Shipping, Payment, Taxes, and Place Order

• Check your shipping address and change it if it’s not accurate.
• Check your payment method and change it if it’s not correct.
• Choose your shipping preference (note that you cannot do “Amazon Prime Free Shipping” with author copy book purchases.
• Review the taxes.
• Click “Place your order”

STEP 6: View Confirmation Page

• See your order confirmation page!
(Note, I ended up buying just 10 instead of 30 at the last step for this demo, so you’ll notice the 30 changed to 10 in the screenshots)

What About Shipping to Other Countries?

If you want to ship your books to other countries, you can change the “shipping address” from step 5. Note that the shipping cost does increase. This screenshot below shows the pricing for 30 books when I put in a Canadian address.

There you have it! Ordering author copies of your book on Amazon is fast and easy. Just pay the print cost of each book plus shipping.

Once you have author copies in hand, you can give out your books as gifts or sell them at events for whatever price you want to set.