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1. Ads + Ad Copy

Writing blogs, content creation planning, making your blog SEO-friendly

2. Bios

Bios for social media, your website, Amazon author page, and media kits.

3. Blogging

Writing blogs, content creation planning, making your blog SEO-friendly

4. Content Marketing

Creating videos, blogs, social media posts, and more that are of value to your audience in order to attract them to you.

5. Copy Tips

How to spice up your copy to make it pop! (And serve your business needs).

6. Copyrighting

Copyrighting your copywriting! 🙂 How to legally protect your creative works like books, blogs, courses, and more.

7. Courses

Tools and best practices to make an effective course and market it to new students.

8. Email Marketing

Email isn't dead. It's important to have, grow, and nurture an email list with compelling copy.

9. Fonts, Colors, and Sizing of Text

Email isn't dead. It's important to have, grow, and nurture an email list with compelling copy.

10. Ghostwriting

Hiring someone else to do the writing for you (or getting work as a ghostwriter).

11. Grammar

Know the grammar, punctuation, and writing style rules. Then you can break 'em, yo.

12. Headlines

Arguably the most important copy that you write = headlines.

13. Images / Pictures to Support

Words are so important. But the images you choose to support must support your writing.

14. Lead Magnets

Enticing freebies to offer someone in exchange for their email address.

15. Make Money Online As a Writer

If you are a strong writer -- or want to improve and earn for it -- then check out these resources for finding money-making writing gigs.

16. Market Research

Who is your ideal target audience? What do they want? What words would they use to describe their needs? 

17. Media Kits

Want to look super-pro and get even more media attention? You need a media kit. It's not as complicated as it sounds.

18. Podcast Show Notes

Shownotes for your podcast can be short or long, simple or detailed. Either way, they can serve to help you be found and to help your listener engage with you further.

19. Press Releases 

Press releases aren't guaranteed instant Oprah invites, but they can open doors to contacts with news outlets and more press and linkbacks to your website and social media platforms.

20. Proofreading

Polish any piece of writing with help finding errors. Enter: proofreading help.

21. Psychology of Word Choice

The power of word choice cannot be overstated. Psychologically-speaking for your writing, it's a must-learn-about-and-implement!

22. Quiz Creation

Writing short, engaging, and fun quizzes can be a great way to draw leads and clients deeper into your wonderful brand world.

23. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimize your writing -- blogs, podcast shownotes, book descriptions, video descriptions, and more -- to be found by search engines.

24. Show Description

How you describe your podcast or video show can make a huge difference in attracting new fans and getting shares.

25. Social Media Posts

We all scroll on our social platforms all day. Is what you are sharing catching the eyes, hearts, and minds of your ideal audience?

26. Storytelling

Star Wars, Disney movies, tall tales around a campfire...humans can't resist a great story. Make sure you storytell every chance you get.

27. Titles for Blogs, Videos, Books

Titles can make or break a piece of content you share. Keep in mind catchy hooks and keywords. Click above for more tips.

28. Video Scripts

Important videos should be scripted out ahead of time, even if you ad lib once the record button is pressed.

29. Web Page Content

Copy and content for your website and other web pages.

30. Webinars

Webinars and other digital presentations.