ChatGPT - How to Write Great Content with AI (Part 2: Social Media Posts)

221: ChatGPT – How to Write Great Content with AI (Part 2: Social Media Posts)

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Can we use ChatGPT to write social media posts in seconds? Yep, we sure can! AI tools like ChatGPT are trending right now (and will only continue to grow and get better), so this is Part 2 of a series to help you use it as a writer or entrepreneur to create compelling written content that helps you make more money online.

Melissa Tucker and I sat down to record our screens as we enter in prompts and show you exactly how to use ChatGPT step-by-step to write great social media posts.

Using ChatGPT, we write social media posts for:
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram (with hashtags), scripts for TikTok videos, Pinterest, and more!

This is the second installment of a three-part series. Check out episode 220 for more on how to use ChatGPT to write blogs and episode 222 for how to use ChatGPT to write books!

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Co-Host Bio: Melissa Tucker comes on to talk about how to use chatgpt to write blogs

Melissa Tucker is the CEO and Founder of Blue Butterfly Digital. She is a full-time Facebook ad, sales funnel, and chatbot strategist. She started her company so she could help business owners grow their businesses, while getting to do what she loves to do!

Today, she is helping businesses and entrepreneurs maximize their growth with the power of social media and online marketing. Her clientele is full of fun and exciting personalities, including wedding photographers, personal trainers, food bloggers, personal stylists, health coaches, business coaches, manufacturing companies, realtors, local businesses, and online marketing influencers.

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