book marketing hack -- Use Canva to Make a Shareable _Please Vote_ Image for Your Book Cover Design / Author Photo

Book Marketing Hack: Use Canva to Make a Shareable “Please Vote” Image for Your Book Cover Design [9 min video screenflow]

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This is my best *sneaky* but not annoying book marketing hack!

Watch the video (below) for exactly how to use Canva (for free) to make a shareable “Please Vote” image for your book cover design or author photo. It’s the best book marketing hack out there that is completely free.


My best-performing social media posts are visual images getting people to vote. So, I use this technique a ton for my clients’ books and tons of stuff in my own business! It’s a book marketing hack because it’s a win-win-win. You get attention on your book before its even live, your audience gets to participate and have fun, and the social media algorithms are happy you are posting super-engaging content!

Get votes and engagement on:
– book cover designs
– author photos
– book title ideas
– photo placement on book
– brand colors
– podcast logos
– Facebook ad images
– anything and everything!

This quick video [above] shows you how to use Canva (for free) to make a shareable image that is guaranteed to get you lots of engagement — fast! It’s a screenflow walk-thru where I show you exactly what to do, step-by-step!


Take Action

Try this book marketing hack out and let me know how many comments you get! I bet you $1 that you’ll get WAY more engagement than your other posts!!! (And all organic…but running ads to it would be *fire* too!)

[If you don’t have a book yet, you can use this for anything in your business. It just works. And your audience — big or small — will love to share their votes and feedback].

Tag me on social with what you post so I can vote too!

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🙂 Laura

PS: What other book marketing hacks and book writing techniques would you like to learn?