book marketing hack -- Use Canva to Make a Shareable _Please Vote_ Image for Your Book Cover Design / Author Photo

Book Marketing Hack: Use Canva to Make a Shareable “Please Vote” Image for Your Book Cover Design [9 min video screenflow]

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This is my best *sneaky* but not annoying book marketing hack–using Canva!

Watch the video (below) for exactly how to use Canva (for free–but the “pro” option does give great extras worth checking out) to make a shareable “Please Vote” image for your book cover design or author photo. It’s the best book marketing hack out there that is completely free.


My best-performing social media posts are visual images getting people to vote. So, I use this technique a ton for my clients’ books and tons of stuff in my own business!

It’s a book marketing hack because it’s a win-win-win. You get attention on your book before its even live, your audience gets to participate and have fun, and the social media algorithms are happy you are posting super-engaging content!

Get votes and engagement on:
– book cover designs
– author photos
– book title ideas
– photo placement on book
– brand colors
– podcast logos
– Facebook ad images
– anything and everything!

This quick video [above] shows you how to use Canva (for free) to make a shareable image that is guaranteed to get you lots of engagement — fast! It’s a screenflow walk-thru where I show you exactly what to do, step-by-step!

Take Action

Try this book marketing hack out and let me know how many comments you get! I bet you $1 that you’ll get WAY more engagement than your other posts!!! (And all organic…but running ads to it would be *fire* too!)

[If you don’t have a book yet, you can use this for anything in your business. It just works. And your audience — big or small — will love to share their votes and feedback].

Tag me on social with what you post so I can vote too!

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🙂 Laura

PS: What other book marketing hacks and book writing techniques would you like to learn?

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