Copy That Pops Podcast 137: Bestselling Book Writing Dreams Realized! Tactical Advice from New Non-Fiction Author Wendy Kim

137: Bestselling Book Writing Dreams Realized! Tactical Advice from New Non-Fiction Author Wendy Kim

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A first-time non-fiction author’s advice for writing a bestselling book WHILE she’s going through the journey!

Wendy Kim is a ‘next level coach’ who uses her skills from her former professional career as a Program Manager delivering a multi-billion dollar platform for PlayStation to help her clients level up.

She is also now the author of Beyond Blending In: An Immigrant’s Guide To Overcoming Cultural Bonds For A Life Of Authenticity and Abundance is our special guest today! Find book HERE!

A few exciting highlights include: wendy kim bestseller flag
– Jess Lindgren from GalFriday612 will be on an upcoming podcast dishing how to pitch pro podcasters and business leaders! (We recorded it in the plane home from Podcast Movement)
– Shout out to friend and client Jana Bresenden
– $8.4 Billion dollars in revenue!?! Hear how Wendy helped PlayStation in her former career.
– Where in the world is Wendy talking to us from? (Hint: It’s tropical!)
– How can help you navigate time zones when working remotely?
– Wendy recommends checking out the Insight Timer App
– “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to do this all by yourself. There are people there to support you.”
– ”I thank god that you’re guiding me in this process [writing and publishing a book] because if I had to just Google and go on YouTube, and I didn’t have someone I could go to with questions, it would be very challenging and it would have taken a lot longer.”
– 37 minutes in – advice for someone writing book
– “Obviously work with Laura.” – Wendy Kim
– Is it authentic to put out a book when you feel like a different person now than when you started writing the book??
– Swag bag contest from Allison Melody and the Food Heals Podcast!!!
– “One of the things you helped me with is that the book doesn’t have to be the encyclopedia of Britannica.”
– “I’m already thinking about the next book.” – Wendy Kim
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Wendy Kim helps wanna-be entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and executives take their work and life to the next-level. She also has a passion for helping moms create lives they love by starting simple, passion-based coaching businesses that give them more time and money for their family and self-care.

Wendy’s story:
Several years ago I found myself burnt out, super stressed and overwhelmed. I felt like I was living out the movie “Groundhog Day” — but with “mommy guilt” on top of it all.

Mornings entailed me rushing around getting breakfast and lunches ready, trying to find my kids’ shoes (how hard can it be to put them where they belong??) and screaming at them to get out the door so I wouldn’t be late for work.

Then at work I was bored, lacked motivation for office politics and felt like I was missing out on my life.

After work I carted my kids to all their activities and dealt with the dreaded question, “What should I make for dinner?”

By the time I put the kids down, I was exhausted and hadn’t spent as much quality time with my kids as I wanted and had no energy left for my spouse.

I felt like I was a hamster stuck in a wheel, asking, “What’s the point of it all?” Sound familiar? Starting my own passion based coaching business empowering people like you was my magic bullet to a life I love — and time with family.

This is why I started my program to teach wanna-be entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and executives like you how to create a business/career and life you love.

Now, she is (as of today!) a bestselling published author to boot! Check out her book on Amazon here!

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