Asana: Get this right now for your business [Free!]

Asana: Get This Right Now for Your Business [Free!]

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Asana is one of the best “get right now” tools I can recommend for productivity and eliminating two things that bog down your brain and workflow: sticky notes and email.

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Free! Boom.
[though there are premium upgrade options too]

What I use it for and love about it:

  • organize all your tasks
  • create subtasks under tasks
  • create projects to organize tasks
  • other people can be in same account and you can ‘assign’ each other tasks
  • communicate with others about projects and tasks [eliminates email! *mostly*]
  • assign due dates to things
  • attach files inside tasks

What it will help you achieve in your business:

  • efficiency
  • clarity
  • management
  • communication & collaboration (better than email)
  • productivity

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Do you use Asana for your business? If not, give it a try and tell me about your experience and any productivity tips.