210: 6 Fascinating People Brainstorm Book Ideas and Fight to Overcome Imposter Syndrome [Replay of Zoom Call with Community Co-Hosted with Allison Melody of Food Heals]

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Do you struggle with imposter syndrome and overwhelm on what book topic to pick to write about? You are not alone!

This is a replay of a really terrific group Zoom call that my biz bestie Allison Melody of the Food Heals empire did last Saturday. Six entrepreneurs joined us to ask questions, brainstorm, and work through mental blocks.

I hope this helps you wherever you are in your journey!

A Few Highlights from This Podcast Brainstorming Book Ideas:

[05:45]: Alli kicks off call + Laura intro and why books matter

[12:22]: Tamar intro about the book she’s work on

…vulnerable stories
…4 chapters so far
…afraid bc of ego to dig into
…wants the word “hope” in there
Finding Hope

[15:54]: Larry Roberts

…wrote it in 20 days
…got emotional
…bringing wife on the journey
…how to start a VA business
…Readily Random podcast
…recovered alcoholic

[23:47]: Nancy Foote
…¾ done about classroom management (33 years teaching)…how to get kids on your side
…struggling bc had another book calling at her!
…started on second book too
…works at literary conferences part-time
…”when I teach, I tell stories about my life”
…Coca-Cola Hot Pants
…Paul Harvey
…Zero G with Mark Kelly astronaut
…Parkinson’s, two kinds of breast cancer,
…”how can you be so positive and upbeat?”
…baseball with Nolan Ryan
…Writing 6-word sentences…loving writing it…like poetry
…shoulder surgery
…Imposter Syndrome Monster

[37:06]: Christopher Centri
…astronomy and space science
…struggling with things online
…in another part of New York state
…Mars + search for extraterrestrial life
…Lunar Mysteries
…Thinkific, Teachable, …wants courses
…near Lake Erie + wine + science presentations

[48:37]: Hazel Englander
…loves wine too
…listens to CTP!
…model all over the world
…famous boyfriend…backstage rock and roll parties
…not sure about sharing bc of kids, husband, and haters
…Queen, Sir Elton John, etc — should I name names?
…should I have a publisher or self-publish?

…Tim Ferriss and Nick Kokonas podcast: https://tim.blog/2018/10/18/nick-kokonas
• They compare notes about the somewhat slimy similarities between the music and publishing industries. [timestamp: 2:26:02] • On the Hembergers and The Alinea Project, and the upcoming Aviary Book being released independently. [timestamp: 2:41:23]

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