208: No More Writing Copy – How To Get ALL Of Your Sales Letters, Webinar Slides, Emails, And Ads Written (In As Little As 10 Minutes) Without Hiring An Expensive Copywriter

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How To Get ALL Of Your Sales Letters, Webinar Slides, Emails, And Ads Written Without Hiring An Expensive Copywriter: No matter how much you practice at writing copy, you will never get as fast, efficient, and effective as if you use the Funnel Scripts tool from Russell Brunson (Founder of Click Funnels) and Jay Edwards (professional Copywriter).

It’s like mad libs on crack. For business.

You just plug in key information about your business, product, webinar topic, etc. (with lots of examples to help guide you) and then click the “Build” button.

Then, it spits out scripts, full pages of copy, ad copy, video sales letters to read off a teleprompter. Like, anything you need for business. It’s pretty ridiculous…in a good way.

I’m currently testing out a script for this $19 Offer Page for My [Secret] Amazon Bestselling Categories Formula. Hopefully, it will slay and help a lot of people too.

Try it out for free with a Headline Script Generator here:

Listen until the end for a heartwarming, hilarious surprise. You are guaranteed to laugh and smile. 💕🤣

Then, check out Funnel Scripts…they have a free training on the landing page…and let me know if you try it out!

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