206: A Quiz in Your Biz: Psychological Benefits and Copywriting Tips with Branding Expert Annmarie Rose

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What’s a short-form way to both gain insights on your audience (to improve your copywriting) AND clarify your offers to psychologically attract more clients? A quiz! Brand Impact Strategist Annmarie Rose stops by to break it all down so you can quickly start using quizzes to improve your business and copy.

A Few Highlights from This Podcast About “How to Use a Quiz in Your Biz”:

– how to attract, engage, and provide incredible value for your ideal audience members using quizzes
– how making a quiz is way easier than writing a book or other long-form content, but provides valuable insights for you while also helping your audience clarify what they want and need
– the psychology behind using a quiz to build your brand and grow your business
– how you can use your audience’s quiz results to craft more impactful copy
– platforms to use to make a quiz (Annmarie uses TypeForm and Interact)
– where in the customer journey to use a quiz and why

Our Guest

AnnMarie Rose is a Brand Impact Strategist who has spent more than 5 years helping hundreds of coaches, consultants, and course creators clarify their visions, align their online brands and take their businesses to the next level while experiencing freedom and fulfillment in the process.

Through her supportive 1-on-1 consulting experiences and actionable online training programs, AnnMarie empowers purpose-driven entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable business success with a clear, compelling message, a streamlined brand strategy, and engaging marketing efforts.

AnnMarie is also the creator of Quizness, a framework, and training program that makes it easy for purpose-driving business owners to build their online brands with compelling quizzes that attract, engage and truly serve their ideal audience members.

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Video of our Interview

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Great Quotes

  • “From a psychological standpoint…in terms of creating something that is going to build your brand…there is a lower barrier to entry with quizzes if you have the steps to set up one correctly.” – Annmarie Rose
  • “People say, ‘How long should my book be?’ And the answer that I want say is, ‘As long and you want it to be.’ But people don’t want that; they want the page number.” – Laura Petersen
  • “I have a specific question that says, ‘Which one do you tend to struggle more on your brand building journey, shiny object syndrome, or perfectionism?’ and then based on that answer I am able to identify which type of brand that you have.” – Annmarie Rose

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