5 writing and book self-publishing lessons leanred with allison melody book food heals

198: 5 Book Writing and Self-Publishing Lessons Learned with Allison Melody’s Incredible Food Heals Book

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Life-saving book out now! My biz bestie shares her story of losing both her parents to cancer and how that pushed her into a life of pursuing how to heal naturally in this conversation with bestselling author Allison Melody.

Food Heals: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Stories to Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Health is available now on Amazon!

Plus, this book includes 39 additional stories of overcoming chronic and degenerative diseases by influencers in the health and wellness space plus everyday people just like you and me.

Listen to this episode to hear:
– more about the Food Heals book and why everyone should check it out (and the new documentary Game Changers produced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron, and Jackie Chan)
– a few sounds of baby E 😉
– 5 important lessons learned and insights around writing and self-publishing a bestselling book on Amazon

5 Lessons Learned / Insights:

Here are some good lessons learned about writing a book and self-publishing it with Amazon that I learned (or added to my knowledge data bank!) by working with my biz buddy and client Allison Melody on her incredible book!

I hope these help you too on your journey. Listen to the episode above to hear more about each:

1. Customers cannot buy the Kindle book from the Kindle or Amazon app…you have to purchase it from Amazon.com directly and then you can open and read it inside the app afterward (why? because Apple collects a percentage of the money spent on digital purchases within apps on its devices, and Amazon is not okay with that)

2. Amazon has changed, yet again, how to reach out to tech support — my hack that I teach my students in the Accelerator [copythatpops.com/accelerator] for how to get up to 10 categories they can rank well in. Now you put in your phone number for tech support to call you back.

3. Book design contests for your artwork is a fun process and great way to do “A” Attraction-Based Marketing. I use 99 Designs [copythatpops.com/99designs] and have a contest going now for a Book That Pops book! Allison used it too and her book is striking!

4. Get quotes in advance for your book from influencers to use on the cover and on the book’s product description for instant social proof from the moment you publish!

5. Scrivener [copythatpops.com/smac or copythatpops.com/spc] tech support is 50-50…I love them, but they haven’t been 100% helpful/professional

Ping me with questions so I can make tutorials to share with you and help further!

Plus, copythatpops.com/free is where you can get more book writing and self-publishing resources!

Talk again soon where we will work together to write copy that pops!



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