194: Using Stories for Psychologically Effective - But Not Sleazy - Sales with Yasmine Khater

194: Using Stories for Psychologically Effective – But Not Sleazy – Sales with Yasmine Khater

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Sell more with stories. As they say, “Words tell. Stories sell.”

How do you make more money by closing more sales…without feeling like a pushy, sleazy salesperson?

Find out on today’s interview with an entrepreneur who has experience helping solopreneurs and enterprise-level companies like SalesForce to connect with their customers through effective storytelling and understanding psychology — to make more profit as a result.

Our guest is Yasmine Khater…she’s back!

A Few Highlights from This Podcast:

– Episode 021 found at copythatpops.com/021 is Yasmine’s and my first interview! Fun Fact: It’s one of my most popular podcast episodes to date!
– We met online first and did the podcast interview (linked to above) and then met in person at a digital nomad retreat in Greece in June 2016!
– Why Yasmine gave up the digital nomad life and settled back in Singapore
– Why Yasmine is transitioning out of the day to day of the 7-figure agency she built in under 2 years to focus on her new ventures
– Arctic trip with Robert Swan of 2041 and what she learned about climate change (plus amazing animal sightings!)
– Upcoming documentary series (estimated: December 2020) to focus on the people behind the solutions to help our planet
– Effective storytelling tips!
– What is the Sales Story Method?
– How to get past our own barriers, blocks, and ‘old narratives’ to be more effective sales storytellers
– How to improve at storytelling
– Using stories in sales most effectively…
(1) ID anxiety person is feeling,
(2) think of a story from a past client with similar anxiety + the solution you provided,
(3) show how collaboration will help them reduce their pain too
– What is the Sales Story Lab? (It’s coming online soon too!)
– What Yasmine learned working with Enterprise-level companies like SalesForce.
– Tip: Collect stories of people who’ve loved working with you and use them in your sales conversations to help prospects see how your solutions will work for them too.
– Laura’s “Senior Princess” and “Senior Queen” bully story and how it applies to business.
– What is the Sales Story Podcast and who can we expect to learn and be inspired from? (Example: the incredible CEO Rosaline Chow Koo! In Episode 01)
– Free Tool from Yasmine! “5 Story Tweaks”

Our Guest

Yasmine Khater - sales psychology and copywriting master

Yasmine Khater is the sales strategist and serial entrepreneur that helps business leaders understand psychology in order to craft better stories that help influence decisions.

She runs Sales Story Method and works with leaders through her signature training program Sales Story Labs where they dive deeper and improve how they sell their story without being sleazy, pushy, or pretending to be someone else. Some of her clients include Salesforce, P&G, DBS, Swiss Credit, and more.

Yasmine hosts the show the SalesStoryPodcast where she interviews CEOs from across Asia on how they use storytelling to scale and grow their business.

She has just come back from an expedition to the Arctic and passionate about climate change, she is producing an inspirational documentary of tech entrepreneurs who are building scaling solutions that will impact Asia.

Find her at SalesStoryMethod.com and SalesStoryPodcast.com, connect with her on LinkedIn or on Instagram and Facebook (linked out below under “Connect Socially”).

Great Quotes

  • “It’s not convincing, it’s consulting.” – Yasmine Khater
  • “It’s simple, but it’s not easy.” – Yasmine Khater
  • “Sales is not sleazy. It’s just problem-solving.” – Yasmine Khater
  • “A sale is having a conversation about a problem in common.” – Yasmine Khater
  • “People want to share in collective joy.” – Yasmine Khater

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