191: Swipe the Effective Copy from Other Marketing Guru Examples Using Swiped.co - Quick Copy Tip

191: Swipe the Effective Copy from Other Marketing Guru Examples Using Swiped.co – Quick Copy Tip

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Have you ever stumbled upon a great landing page and wished you could see all the emails that followed without opting in?

Have you ever seen a Facebook ad with killer copy and wondered how they nurtured their audience later to buy?

Well, now you can!

I recently discovered Swiped.co … “Profitable Marketing Inspiration & Analysis — The place for copywriters & marketing minds to dissect & discuss great marketing examples.”

How to Use It to Improve Your Copy

Just type in Swiped.co

And you can browse through examples of marketing copy and images based on…

Niche, like:- Advertising- Arts and Crafts- Beauty- Blogging- Business Opportunity- Consulting- Copywriting- eCommerce- Education- Entrepreneurship- Health & Wellness- Online BusinessAnd lots more!
You can also search by type, for example:- Affiliate emails- Banner Ads- Call to Action- Checkout- Direct Mail- Email- Email Opt-in- Facebook Ads- Free Offers- Homepage- Landing Page- Long copy- Print ad- Sales Letters- Social Media- and so many more!

For example, as a search combination, when I clicked “Online Business” and “Facebook Ad,” Swiped.co delivered 7 results of ads from Tai Lopez, Ryan Deiss, GoDaddy, Derek Halpern, Digital Marketer, and Click Funnels.

I’ll include a screenshot in the shownotes for you to take a look at:

swiped co - for great copy tips and examples to improve your writing

Then, you can click on each of these 7 to see more…both the images they used and the copy they wrote with the ads.

There are also key takeaways below about why the ad and copy is effective, so you can learn from it too!

People ask me all the time, “How can I improve my copy?”

The BEST way is to look at examples from others that catch your eye…that make you want to click and go further…

Then, emulate them!

Don’t copy them…but model off of them with your own unique voice and style.

So, as a quick copy tip for you today, type in Swiped.co, and check out some examples to help you with whatever you are working on writing for your business right now.

Then, come tell me @LaptopLaura on social media or via email Laura@CopyThatPops.com how it worked for you!

Talk to you next time when we’ll find more ways to write copy that pops!

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