190: How to Avoid Psychological Scams Online and Share Your Stories in a Book with Jules Hannaford

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Gaslighting, cat-fished, and other online dating scams…our guest today Jules Hannaford shares all inside her book Fool Me Twice. Plus, she breaks down her best tips and tricks for YOU to share your stories (no matter what they may be) and get your book published and marketed to the masses.

A Few Highlights from This Podcast:

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– Jule’s book: Fool Me Twice: Confessions of a Perpetual Internet Dating Neophyte

– Copy That Pops Episodes That Helped Jules with Her Book and Marketing!
– Episode 011 – Why It’s Important to Have a Social Media Strategy with Corinna Essa https://www.copythatpops.com/011
– Episode 012 – How to Set Yourself Apart with Stories with Christoph Trappe https://www.copythatpops.com/012
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– 611-acre farm in Australia
– Moved to Adelaide, Australia to teach and then moved to Hong Kong
– Started online dating and got scammed a few times
– Book is all about the online dating, scams, and resources to help others avoid getting “cat-fished”!
– The psychology of Gaslighting, and how to watch out for it.
Brene Brown TED talk on Vulnerability
Ted Bundy documentary
– The “romance scam industry” is an over $1 billion industry (yikes)
– Why Jules wrote such personal stories in a book

– Lessons learned, tips, and tricks for writing your book, marketing your book, and getting more media exposure leveraging your book! (Lots of great tips in this episode!)
– Allot enough time
– Sleep enough and have a healthy lifestyle
– Chat with others about your stories (especially if they can help you remember more)
– Let go of perfectionism
– Add a resource or epiphany section at the end
– Twitter communities
– Instagram hashtags
– Paid ads on Facebook
– Book fairs, events, speaking gigs
– LinkedIn
– Writing competitions
– Thrive Global
Canva.com (you can design your ebook cover)
– Local newspapers, magazines, and radio stations
– Create a template email and customize it for each send out
– MailChimp
– Press Release with PRweb.com

– Twitter — search “#JournoRequests” and see what people are looking for!
– Book clubs…offer to skype in free to talk with group if they use your book

– Podcasts
– Jules will Skype in with your book club, if you’d like! (Email her at Jules@HongKongConfidential.net)
– Hong Kong Confidential podcast

Our Guest

Jules Hannaford grew up in rural South Australia before moving to Adelaide, the state capital, and beginning her career as a teacher. She now lives in Hong Kong, the setting of her first book, Fool Me Twice, which details the pitfalls and abuse she experienced in her online search for love.

Jules began writing her book in 2010 when she was involved in an internet dating scam. She decided this was an important story to share with other women to prevent them from becoming caught in the same trap and help them make safer, smarter decisions when dating online. It took a long time for her to muster the courage to share her story after battling the shame of choices that landed her in a dangerous situation she counts herself lucky to have survived.

Jules has always had a passion for people and their stories, so she started her podcast ‘Hong Kong Confidential’ in 2017 to provide a platform for sharing the stories of interesting and unique people in Hong Kong.

Just as she knows the importance of sharing their stories on her podcast, she feels that her story can make an important contribution to the safety of those navigating the complicated—and sometimes illusionary—internet dating world.

Great Quotes

  • “Listening to your podcast was just awesome! I got so many tips on writing hacks, social media, how to put together a memoir. It was just awesome. I was so thankful I found it!” – Jules Hannaford
  • “There were so many quick copy tips that I used!” – Jules Hannaford
  • “Give yourself enough time so if you feel stuck, you can give yourself a break.” – Jules Hannaford
  • “When I’d slept well, I was able to write much better than when I wasn’t sleeping very well.” – Jules Hannaford
  • “Having a healthy lifestyle really helps with writing.” – Jules Hannaford
  • “I let go of perfectionism and I think that was really helpful.” – Jules Hannaford
  • “You can always perfect it and edit it through the editing process.” – Jules Hannaford
  • “There are great communities in Twitter — that is a great tip for promotion.” – Jules Hannaford
  • “Canva is an amazing tool for creating social media ads, posters, all sorts of things.” – Jules Hannaford
  • “Reach out to local newspapers, magazines, and radio stations to see if you can get articles written on your book. That also helps with marketing massively.” – Jules Hannaford
  • “You can take little sections of your book and publish them.” – Jules Hannaford
  • “A lot of my media articles came from Twitter.” – Jules Hannaford

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