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Live and hitting #1 bestseller on Amazon today in multiple categories, it’s Kelsey Henry from Positively Delighted! CopyThatPops.com/kelsey will take you there to see it!

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About Kelsey:

Kelsey Henry from Positively Delighted is a singer/songwriter, positivity coach, coloring page creator, digital nomad, and host of The Positively Delighted Show podcast. Her passion for positivity and self-esteem began during her unique childhood growing up roadschooled in an RV from ages 11-17.

She is a certified Canfield Success Trainer, Happy For No Reason Trainer, and Laughter Yoga Leader. She uses these programs to help others create a positive mindset and a life of delight, laughter, and fun!

You can find her traveling the country and running her business on the road from her converted glamper CR-V.

She loves smiling and is always trying to make her inner roadschooled kid proud.

Advice for other authors from Kelsey Henry…#34 bestselling author case study!

bestselling author kelsey henry shares her advice to new authors

“Having an outline is CRUCIAL for writing the book. It helps you stay on track and know where you’re going. If you’re getting stuck on putting the outline together, just start writing a chapter and see where it goes. I was so stuck on putting together my outline, until Laura gave me this advice! After writing a chapter, I knew exactly what direction to go in and put my outline together quickly.

Remember to have fun with the process and with everything you do, honor yourself. Create something that you can be proud to share. It’s easy to get caught up in what others will think of you. My book is my life story. If people don’t like it, it’s going to feel personal! But I still have to share it because it’s going to help the people who do like it.

Also, give yourself lots of pep talks! You are your biggest cheerleader through this process.”

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