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178: 9 Spots to Get Social Proof That Your Book Hit Bestseller on Amazon [Featuring Bestselling Author Client Mark Wills]

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Wanna see what it looks like to be a #1 bestselling author on your launch day? I pull back the curtain!

Read (and watch) below for the 9 spots to look for proof you got bestseller…SEE it in action the day that my private client Mark Wills went live with his book!

9 Spots to Get Social Proof That Your Book Hit Bestseller on Amazon [the video!]

In last week’s episode I revealed my big SECRET…which, if you missed it, is that I am pregnant! Due September 20th.

My husband and I do know the gender at this point, but we are keeping that a secret until after the baby shower. I do not want a pink or blue explosion of gender-stereotypical decor and gifts.

Also, if we have a girl, her name will be gender-neutral or something often used for boys. So, her name will not be anything like Laura, Michelle, Ashley, Monica, or the like.

Fun fact. 😉

As I shared in episode 177 about being pregnant, super sick and tired all the time, and needing to cut back on things to get more efficient in my business, I mentioned repurposing.

So, I thought to try that for this podcast episode.

On April 23rd, a private client of mine named Mark Wills went live with his book on Amazon…which you can find it directly from the link CopyThatPops.com/mark … and he hit #1 bestseller in over 12 categories in the U.S.

I sat down the evening of his launch to record an updated video for my Bestselling Book Accelerator showing my clients in that effective group program both what it looks like to be a bestseller and the 9 spots to get screenshots to prove your feat.

Recently, I’ve heard that none of my competitors in this space are teaching that!

I have since day one when I first launched my group program in June of 2017, but it was time for another update of the screenflow, since Amazon does make updates to how things look.

Long story short, this episode is the stripped audio from that video tutorial.

If, as you listen, you wish you could SEE what I am showing on the screen, just head back to the shownotes at CopyThatPops.com/178 and you’ll find an embedded video there of the exact same content, but with the visuals.

I hope it’s a useful episode even with audio only, but the video is available to you for free, even if you are not yet in the Accelerator!

Without further ado…let’s jump in!

mark hit trifecta #1 bestseller

———–mark wills #1 bestseller in home-based business

9 Spots to Get Social Proof That Your Book Hit Bestseller on Amazon [the list!]

Book’s Individual Page

1. Look on book’s actual page for rankings (under “Product Details”) for the three categories it is in.

Note: You can get tech support to put you into up to 10 you choose. #BookHack!

2. Look at the top of your book’s page for a flag too!

Note: May take longer to appear and it is not guaranteed.

Note: #1 New Release easier/faster to get than Best Seller

Book’s Category Pages

3. Look on each of the categories’ pages for rankings and side by side comparison shots with your competitors’ books.

4. Look at the “Hot New Release” rankings for side by side comparison shots with your competitors’ books.

5. Look at other countries Amazon pages at #1-4 above

Note: You can easily access your book in other countries through KDP

6. Then, check ‘up’ in the Parent Categories for how you rank in more competitive listings.

Note: Even if you do not rank as well, the books around you may be very cool and photo-worthy!


7. Do an Amazon search for your author name or name of your book and look for the flags there!

Author Page

8. Look on your Author Central author page for the flags there

Mobile – BONUS!

9. Get the same shots, but from mobile to share!


  1. Save all screenshots in a folder
  2. Use Skitch to ‘mark them up’
  3. Share on social!

Hope this audio repurposing was helpful to you. Pop over to CopyThatPops.com/178 to see the full video with screenflow!

Talk to you again next time when we’ll find more ways to write a book and copy that pops!

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