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151: Writing the Legacy of Think & Grow Rich and Compounding Success with Bestselling Author James Whittaker

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Success compounds. Do you have the right mindset to achieve all you wish to in your life and business?

From the 13 success principles of Napoleon Hill, to compound interest, to writing a monumental bestselling book, today’s episode is jam-packed. Get ready to take notes!

A Few Highlights and Mentions:james whittaker on red carpet for think and grow rich premiere

– Shout out to Jimmy Colson and his interview in Episode 150 about his bestselling book From the Depths: A Journey from Addiction, Abuse, and Homelessness to Positively Impacting the World
Think and Grow Rich was the book that changed James Whittaker father’s life [3:55].
– James’ belief that you have to be truly motivated in order to excel in life [6:24].
– Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, and Jim Rohn were early influences for James [9:47].
– Success comes from simple and consistent action. [11:05].
– Why James shied away from becoming a writer because of the fear of not making enough to achieve financial freedom (and what he pursued for many years instead) [17:46].
– How he managed a team of 30 Financial Advisors in Australia but always knew that there was something different for him
– Self-help books and ‘gurus’ sell ‘secrets’ around the belief that ‘something that is missing.’ But James explains how we already have everything we need to succeed in life and make more money.
– How did James get to be involved as Co-Executive Producer of the Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy film?
– Listen in to hear how James tackled writing such a monumental book with larger-than-life celebrities, athletes, and business moguls
– What questions did James ask these big names? (People like Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Rob Dyrdek, Lewis Howes, Sharon Lechter, John Lee Dumas, Warren Moon, Sandy Gallagher, and Janine Shepherd)
– Buy the book here: Think and Grow Rich The Legacy: How the World’s Leading Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, & Cultural Icons Achieve Success
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Our Guestjames whitter the bestselling author of think and grow rich: the legacy

James Whittaker (@JWhittaker01) was born in Australia and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. After a successful 10-year career in financial planning, he began his own entrepreneurial journey. Today, James draws on his diverse experience to help people reach their potential in all areas of their lives.

James has been featured extensively in television, print, and digital media around the world, including The Today Show, Entrepreneur, Money Magazine, and The Sydney Morning Herald.

He has also appeared on 150+ podcast and radio shows and is in demand internationally as a keynote speaker.

He is the author of bestselling personal finance and motivation book The Beginner’s Guide to Wealth, named Money Magazine’s book of the month for March 2010. In 2018, his second book Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy was released as the official companion to the multimillion-dollar film based on Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic. James is also a proud co-executive producer of the film.

With a diverse entrepreneurial background, James has launched successful companies and products across a range of industries including health/fitness, film, activewear, social media, and publishing.

Praise for James’ Book

“James Whittaker’s book Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy allows people to think bigger than their circumstances and then it gives them a blueprint to achieve the success they desire.”
– Sharon Lechter (Author, Think and Grow Rich for Women, Three Feet From Gold, Outwitting the Devil, and Rich Dad Poor Dad)

“James Whittaker does a marvelous job in capturing Napoleon Hill’s legacy.”
– Bob Proctor (one of the world’s foremost success coaches)

“James Whittaker’s book will inspire you to chase your dreams, just like Napoleon Hill motivated me to chase mine.”
– Warren Moon (NFL Hall of Fame quarterback)

“James Whittaker’s book Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy both inspires and motivates one to follow their dreams and achieve success. I am honored to have my story included.”
– Barbara Corcoran (property expert and star of hit television show Shark Tank)

Great Quotes from the Podcast Episode

  • “If your goal is to run a marathon, you wouldn’t start Day 1 running a marathon. You do the work that Day 1 requires.” [11:44] – James Whittaker
  • “But that one action in itself could completely transform your financial life, except people don’t do it, because they are so focused on buying lotto tickets.” [12:09] – James Whittaker
  • “It’s almost selfish, unconditionally helping others.” [30:51] – James Whittaker
  • “If you want to launch your own book, having the counsel and guidance of someone who’s been there and done that…gives you a fresh lens and gets you out of your head to get the best possible outcome.” [36:29] – James Whittaker
  • “If you don’t make the decision to win, you automatically made the decision to lose.” [38:04] – James Whittaker

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