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133: Email Marketing Tips & Tricks for Entrepreneurs and Authors with AWeber’s Erik Harbison

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Happy 4th of July AND Happy Podcast Movement month!!

Speaking of Podcast Movement, I met today’s guest at last year’s Podcast Movement! He is an expert in email marketing and how to grow your email list, why you still (definitely) should, and how to better communicate with your audience via writing!

We dig into the psychology of improving your email marketing and how it can help sell your books, grow your business, and connect with your fans no matter what Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms do to organic reach.

A few exciting highlights include:
– Find out why entrepreneurs SHOULD grow their email list!
– Learn the best tips for email subject lines!
– Tips on how to avoid spam folders!
– Learn how to separate yourself as a successful business or content creator from other businesses!
– Learn how to improve your click ratings!
– What are good open rates? What are good click rates?
– Find out why open rates should be a metric and not a goal!
– Find out why you should be testing subject lines at least twice a month!
– Long form emails vs. Short-term emails? (Hint: Context vs. Content)
– Can writing “hit reply” in your email hurt you in the delivery rate?

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Erik has been building digital marketing teams, strategies, and solutions for over two decades, servicing small businesses through Fortune 500 brands. He has held several leadership roles with award-winning agencies, including starting and exiting a boutique agency via an acquisition in 2005.

Currently, Erik is CMO at AWeber.com (email technology targeting small businesses), where he oversees operations and strategy for brand marketing, social media, CRM, PR, content, and business development disciplines.

Erik has also parlayed his years of experience into creating and teaching college-level digital marketing courses (online and classroom). His recent online certification course with the University of Vermont was recently awarded top online digital marketing certification course.

He is an avid soccer player/watcher, coffee drinker, and recently became an ordained minister.

Great Quotes:

  • “We became hyper-focused on some key topics and built relevant content around it.” – Erik Harbison
  • “It’s amazing how just one word can change the results of an entire campaign.”– Erik Harbison
  • “Taking the time to ask a couple of basic questions is what separates a successful business to those that aren’t.” – Erik Harbison
  • “If you don’t have an email list, it’s good to have one so you can grow your audience.” – Erik Harbison
  • “Send with purpose so that the segments you create are getting very specific messages.” Erik Harbison
  • “Segmentation can be one of the most important things an email marketer will be focused on this year.” – Erik Harbison
  • “Think emotion first before you start putting words down.” – Erik Harbison
  • “I like to think of the context of the email should dictate the content you think about writing.” – Erik Harbison
  • “She used email to build up excitement.” – Erik Harbison
  • “Use email as a way to build interest; and use email as a way to build demand.” – Erik Harbison

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