124: 8 'Screw Perfection' Examples for the Fun 2 Year Anniversary of the Copy That Pops Podcast

124: 8 ‘Screw Perfection’ Examples for the Fun 2 Year Anniversary of the Copy That Pops Podcast

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Perfection is not everything. Perfection isn’t real. I’m so excited to be celebrating my 2 year Podcast Anniversary!

Today I am going to give you 8 lessons I’ve learned over the last 2 years that have helped me get away from the idea of chasing perfection!

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A few exciting highlights include:
• What do you think of my 8 ‘lessons’ or areas that are not perfect?
• Perfection isn’t everything, if you ask me!
• I’m also celebrating another VERY important anniversary! What is it?
• Where in the world am I when this episode goes live?
Copy That Pops podcast Episode 000 (the episode I know I should update…I think!)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY copy that pops podcast 2 years running

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