Copy that Pops Podcast 120: 2x Bestselling Author Interview with Larry Roberts on Book Launch Day!

120: 2x Bestselling Author Interview with Larry Roberts on Book Launch Day!

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Funny behind the scenes interview on launch day with Larry Roberts (#1 bestseller in four categories in the U.S.!) and Laura (#1 bestseller in four categories in the U.S. and #1 in a category in the U.K. too!)

A few exciting highlights include:
– When are Jared Warner and Eli Natoli launching their books?
– #1 for Larry…in 4 categories!
– #1 for me…in 4 categories! Plus 1 in the U.K. too! [I did end up hitting #1 in Podcasts & Webcasts] – How many sales did I have during the recording? [I bet it’s lower than you thought!] – Why hadn’t Laura left a review for Larry?
– KENP: Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (how many pages read by purchasers)
– What is Laura’s first book upload attempt “BLOCKED”?
– Who were past Wall of Famers featured in Laura’s book?
– What was the book writing, publishing, and launching process like for Larry Roberts?
– Can you see the number of purchases per book (if you have more than one book)?
– How tall is Laura? How tall is Larry’s wife? (warning: if you get easily offended, skip the height part of this silly interview)
– BONUS story about how to get guests on your podcast.
– What are the benefits of a super short deadline for your book writing goal?
– How do you really leverage your new book?

Great job, Larry!

larry roberts #1 in all three categories united states

Great job, Laura!

#1 best seller in podcasts and webcasts laura me book 2 permission#1 uk book laura permission bestseller

Watch the full interview here!

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