090: How to NEVER Run Out of Content Ideas with Yann Ilunga

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Get stumped what to write, talk, or record about next? “Writer’s block” creating content ideas is real!

How about podcasting? Have you thought about starting your own show or getting interviewed on others?

Look no further than this week’s episode with a bona fide podcast pro and consultant who has not one, not two, but FOUR podcasts of his own!

But even if you don’t care to start your own podcast, Yann Ilunga’s tips on never running out of content ideas, repurposing, and becoming a better communicator are invaluable.

A few exciting highlights include:
– How Yann first got into podcasting (and where that intersected with his passion for music)
– Where Yann is from, and where he is currently living! Neither place is in North America.
– How to use your podcast (or one that you are a guest on!) as a business asset!
– Find out ways to NEVER run out of content ideas!
– Repurposing your content and expanding your reach
– How to become a better communicator
– What is the Podcast Success Summit and how to attend for free.

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Guest: Yann Ilunga

creating unlimited content ideas with yann ilunga podcasting pro headshotForbes referred to him as ‘podcasting advocate’ and rightfully so! Yann Ilunga is a podcaster and podcasting consultant, who helps entrepreneurs, business owners and creatives leverage the power of podcasting and funnels to build authority, network with influencers, generate more leads and acquire new customers.

He’s the host of four podcasts, including the popular entrepreneurial show “360 Entrepreneur Podcast” and the music business show “the Jazz Spotlight”.

His new show – “The Podcaster Lab” – teaches you the technical, marketing and business sides of podcasting with a brand new and innovative format.

Last, but not least, he’s the founder of the world’s largest virtual summit for podcasters: the Podcast Success Summit.

Great Quotes:

  • “I came across this thing called podcasts and I had no idea what they were.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “As of today I host four different podcasts in different spaces, and that’s also what’s so cool about podcasting.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “Thank you so much for the content love.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “If we start to unpack an idea, we immediately come up with potentially several pieces of content from the same concept.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “We could think about how could we break it down?” – Yann Ilunga
  • “The planning phase and the breaking down or unpacking an idea phase is not something that takes hours; sometimes five minutes, ten at the most.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “Think of it as a fruit and ask yourself, ‘How can I squeeze it so that I get as much content juice as possible.’ “ –Yann Ilunga
  • “After you have created the piece of content or while you are creating it, think about how you can repurpose it.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “It allowed me to create content and get featured on big websites in the music space.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “If you create content or repurpose content for a publication let’s say, they promote it so you can immediately piggy back on their community.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “Not only think about how you can repurpose content within your ecosystem, but even how you can repurpose it and have it published on websites whose audience is the ideal audience you are trying to reach.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “I interviewed people and many of those connections turned into long lasting connections.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “As a host I think I’ve done around 400 interviews.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “Start to get some experience so you become a better communicator.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “It’s unbelievable how many doors [podcasting] can open.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “Networking is one of the things that when I started it out, was really focused on.” – Yann Ilunga
  • “Podcasting has really allowed me to connect with people.” – Yann Ilunga

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