087: Homeless to 2 Comma Club and #1 Multi-International Best-Selling Author with Akbar Sheikh

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From homeless and $0 to helping others hit over $1 million dollars…this week’s guest is truly an expert in his field! He drops so much knowledge on everything from psychology to your purpose and how your story will help your copy.

Take a listen to my conversation with Akbar Sheikh for some inspiration and incredible takeaways.

A few exciting highlights include: amazon best seller akbar sheikh going live on facebook showing proof
– From $0 to 7 funnels in just a few years…be inspired by Akbar’s story.
– Expert tips on your copy, your business, and more!
– Learn how to make incredible offers for your business.
– Find out more about “EPOP” and how to use them to make your sales funnels and digital copy more persuasive without feeling like a used car salesperson
– Gain legit insights on writing your best copy ever!

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Great Quotes:Akbar Sheikh, the guest on Copy That Pops this week, who is a member of the 2 Comma Club and expert in applying psychology to effective copywriting.

  • “They get to see increased results, basically overnight.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “My life was out of ray.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “I kind of just started fresh.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “I had to abandon everything.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “Not much has changed as far as how to effectively communicate with your audience.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “I hate giving answers that don’t really have actionable steps.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “I can promise if you use these things effectively, you will see growth.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “No one seems to be studying the art of storytelling; a narrative is what sells.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “Telling your narrative and having people connect.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “She told her story.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “My recommendation is to really put yourself out there.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “This is what took me from here to there and this how you can get there.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “Don’t look at short term loss; look at long term gain.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “Really concentrate on your first 25%; make that some of the best part of your writing.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “Your copy has got to be a story.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “You know what people love more than anything – stories.” – Akbar Sheikh
  • “You want to paint your copy with a picture; you want your picture to say what your copy is saying.” – Akbar Sheikh

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