082: Writing & Psychology Tips from Singer-Songwriter Mia Rocks

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Get ready to be inspired today by someone who is not even old enough to vote!

Today’s guest is truly a Rock Star in the making…with a compelling message! Mia Rocks shares her songwriting process, the psychology of overcoming bullying, and how to pursue your passion despite all obstacles.

A few exciting highlights include:
– Age is just a number! You’ll be surprised when you hear how old (or young!) Mia Rocks is!
– Get some insider tips on songwriting and how it may be connected to your own writing process in business.
– Details of a campaign through music to take a stand against bullying.
– Why you should share this episode with all the young people you know.

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  2. Support Mia’s first album and her anti-bullying message!

Great Quotes:

  • “You have to get to the chorus as fast as you possibly can.” – Mia Rocks
  • “They’ve taken years and years and years to develop their craft.” – Mia Rocks
  • “It’s taken me a long time to even just develop my voice.” – Mia Rocks
  • “I’m still improving and improving every day.” – Mia Rocks
  • “I’m reaching out to so many people.” – Mia Rocks
  • “I needed to change myself to basically stop my bullying.” – Mia Rocks
  • “When you don’t pay attention to your bully, all they want is a rise out of you; so they move on.” – Mia Rocks
  • “My dad taught me that you need to go find your passion.” – Mia Rocks
  • “I became so focused on something else, something positive in my life.” – Mia Rocks
  • “Step back for a second and look at the person that you are.” – Mia Rocks
  • “Make sure that you are becoming the person you want to be; the person you want to show to the world.” – Mia Rocks
  • “Becoming a bully is like having an infection.” – Mia Rocks
  • “A lot of people don’t realize how lucky they are to be in their life.” – Mia Rocks
  • “No matter how tightly corked a bottle is, it will eventually explode no matter how much pressure you put on it.” – Mia Rocks
  • “I want to create a community where people can come and feel like they are understood.” – Mia Rocks
  • “Pay attention. Don’t get distracted by the duties of daily life.” – Mia Rocks

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